Business technologiesThe holidays are just around the corner and businesses are starting to make plans for the following year. Most important of these is how to allocate resources for the tech improvements.

Technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives (both private and professional) in the last couple of years.

It’s hard to predict innovation now when both talent and money are so decentralized, but it’s still possible to understand general trends if you keep up with the news in the tech industry.

Here are a couple of things to have in mind if you’re running a business.

Virtual workplace

Offices are becoming obsolete – most of the work can be done remotely. Organizing this kind of workplace requires offices to use numerous apps – for scheduling, having video conferences and transferring files instantaneously and safely. All of these apps will have to improve soon and to coordinate better with each other. HR efforts will soon be integrated with remote office applications as well. This will allow HR managers to evaluate performances on a more regular basis and to use peer review evaluations in their assessments.

Business oriented tech

Using apps in marketing

Customers get almost all of their information on mobile devices. For a while now, apps are replacing ordinary browsers. Media organizations have already made this leap and now it’s up to the companies to do the same. Every business should have an app trough which the customers could get updates, read blog posts or make purchases right away. App design will explode in 2017 both for professionals and for “make your own app” platforms. Those who are able to make the most user friendly and secure apps will rule the market.


For everyone working in banking, finance, retailing or transport, security remains the biggest concern. This goes for both off and online work. State of the art axis cameras will become a norm in 2017 and they should be accompanied by enough storage to keep and browse all the footage. When it comes to online security, it isn’t just about account numbers and banking information. Social media allows you to know much more about your customers, so there is more to be kept confidential. Privacy concerns and putting your clients at easy about them will dominate your security efforts next year.

Video camera

Wearable devices

Wearable devices have made a splash in 2016, but they haven’t become the hit everyone expected. This is going to change pretty soon, because the tech got better and the opportunities to use it in business are everywhere. Large storages will be the first to adopt this technology, because it can significantly cut the time needed to find and put away the merchandise. Also, these devices can keep managers updated about the stress employees are feeling at any given time. This can be useful in any industry, especially in the ones where a lot of workers are suffering from burn out.

New payment methods

Payment methods are being revolutionized lately and businesses will have to keep up. Digital wallets will soon become a thing. It’s a way to integrate all of your cards and accounts into one place and probably connect it with your phone or other mobile devices. You can forget about passwords and PIN numbers as well; this service will probably be activated using finger prints or facial recognition. Once again, this also has security risks, so that’s something to have in mind.

A New Year can be a time to start your business fresh. Make investments in technology that can help you expand and grow, both personally and within your industry.