KillDisk DesktopKillDisk Desktop offers a comprehensive and cost-effective set of corporate-level HDD management solutions for the budget segment.

Highly adaptable to any environment and use cases, the hardware-software solution supports U.S. DoD erasure methods and comes with an impressive fully-automated feature list. KillDisk Desktop satisfies any disk management demand, even if the requirements go far beyond the advanced requirements.

Deleting data on up to 5 disks at once

The application is designed with deep automation in mind, performing its core features as soon as HDD is connected. Analyze and wipe out data as soon as your disk is inserted. KillDisk Desktop works with up to 5 drives simultaneously.

Wiping out your data once and for all

Apart from US DoD deletion technology and HIPAA compliance, there’s way more on the list. The removal technology leaves no backdoors – the information is removed once and for all.

Checking your HDD’s health status

The app enables you to conduct in depth disk examinations with SMART monitor, HEX Viewer, bad sectors scanning and a bunch of other instruments.

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Creating certificates and generating reports

Customizable certification and label functionality allow keeping records easily and ensure decent accountability. It is possible to add a laser printer as an extra option.

Making use of robotics in action

Ordered as a full package system, it allows you to start erasing data as quickly as you unbox the package. Check the erasure status on LCD panel and perform all the essential operations with quick access control buttons. You may even use a monitor to take advantage of a variety of other features, as well as configure the preferences.

KillDisk Desktop is a fine long-term investment that pays off instantly – once purchased, you own the product fully and will never be asked to pay for updates. Fast performance, smooth operation and unsurpassed reliability – these qualities are wired in the app’s DNA. Mentioned below is the overview of the core capabilities of the app and their application in bulk disks erasure.

KillDisk Desktop is armed with:

– Complete HDD/SSD data erasure capability, working with up to 5 drives at a time;
– Kill data quickly, effortlessly and reliably (dozens of international disk sanitation standards are supported);
– Erase data on external drives connected via USB and eSATA ports;
– Check your disk health status by analyzing its stability and identifying bad sectors;
– Erase data in autopilot mode with certificates and labels issuing;
– Make use of a hot-swap feature, with wiping out initiation as soon as the disk is mounted;
– Perform all the necessary functions through LCD panel: check the progress status and use control buttons for quick access;
– Arm yourself with an additional layer of GUI control by connecting external monitor.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – there’s way more nice features to enjoy! Checking the status of current operation becomes easier with LCD panel and LED indicators. Browsing the contents becomes as intuitive as in all the major operating systems you’ve so got used to. You should definitely give it a try, as the currently available alternatives are lagging far behind KillDisk Desktop for sure.