5 Tips For ExtendingReplacing a computer is not only an expense, it’s a hassle. Installing all the programs and configuring internet and Wi-Fi is no fun and can take forever.

Luckily keeping a computer running does not require a lot of maintenance, but it does require some and it is essential for extending the life of your computer.

It really is amazing how well some computer maintenance can keep your machine running. Here are five musts to keep a PC humming:

1. Surge Protection is Vital

While safeguards are in place in modern electrical networks, there is still a chance for a power surge to come through a home or business outlet. These spikes in electricity often result in immediate death for a plugged in computer. The solution to this risk is simple: Get a surge protector. Plugging in a surge protector to a computer power supply is the single most important safeguard to keep a computer working. Luckily if you need help with something like this you can always get help from places like managed services in Ottawa. By seeking professional help you can really make sure that everything is functioning to its full capacity.

2. Hunt Bunnies

Dust bunnies are inevitable outcomes of the airflow a computer depends upon to keep it cool. However, all that dust is a potential hazard for the delicate electric innards of a computer. Dust can short motherboards, chips, power supplies and more. Using a simple can of compressed air and a cotton swab to remove dust not only cuts the risk of electrical problems, it will help keep the computer cool. By taking the time to do this every so often you can help prevent a lot of buildup.

3. Cool is Where It’s At

The electricity flowing through a processor can heat it up to the point of failure. A fried chip and/or overheating of other components can be prevented with fans. Internal fans are obviously the best, but if there is not enough space or available connections, an external fan can help. Check chip and component temperatures using BIOS often to ensure they are within specs.

4. Placement is Important

Make sure a computer is placed out of the way of curious children, anything using a powerful magnet, and areas where moisture forms. Any of these threats can ruin a computer, so setting it in a dry area away from other electronics and potentially destructive children takes little effort and represents that ounce of prevention that equals a pound of cure.

5. Firewall

A good firewall will always outperform the ordinary Windows or other pre-packaged firewall that comes with a computer. Viruses, malware, and other potentially system-destroying software has a hard time making it through a quality firewall. Having good protection is definitely key to improving your computer’s life.

For the small amount of effort needed to extend the life of a computer, it is a no-brainer. Taking the time to keep up with maintenance is definitely worth the time. Just be sure to follow these five tips to help keep it humming to obsolescence and beyond.