Top Web DeveloperVital tips for business about how to hire top web developer. Using them you don’t lose.

Finding and hiring a professional web developer is always a daunting task. It is a crucial factor in your business because this executor will be responsible for creating an online presence of your company and will develop interactions with your potential customers.

Therefore, it is exceptionally important to make right steps in your first attempt of hiring a web developer, otherwise your business can run into a risk and you will waste time and money, seeking a replacement.

Here are 12 valuable tips to help you in choosing the right executor and to ease your selection process:

1.    DNA first, then working experience

The most important thing to hire a web development company is its capability to adapt to your corporative culture. This ability is like DNA: it must be innate. So, first, define your company’s culture. Even if you deal with a democratic type of time management as well as autocratic, such features as punctuality, persistence and curiosity will be useful for the candidate you choose. They will ensure that you hire a web developer that fits into appropriate frames. Therefore, the first step is to define the culture of your company and to list 10 requirements for hiring. Ensure that the potential executor matches to 5 of them at least.

2.    Outline desired skills

Before you order web development, jot down all ‘must-have’ skills and experiences as well as ‘like to have’ ones, which you are looking for in the ideal candidate. Suchwise, you will get an executor having all the skills you desired. Thus, you will be definitely close to what you want for your business. For instance, if you order iOS development, the candidate ought to be evaluated on the basis of experience in Objective C, Storyboarding and multithreading skills.

3.    Know the market price

Some companies think that they will be able to hunt down the best talent at discounted price because the market has become highly competitive. In actual, this is not a reason. Web developers are in great demand, and a good executor can come at a good price. Therefore, you need to research a market price for the skill set you are looking for, and then allocate your budget accordingly. Otherwise, you might underbid or overbid the price result.

4.    Look for a team

Many customers think that one self-organized worker will be more heroic in project implementation, but it is not true in practice. Working alone and coding all day long independently, one person can disrupt a deadline, but the team must respond to requests on time and has to participate in daily or weekly meetings. Therefore, you should look for a web developer as a team of players communicating with each other for the best project completion. The team of several ‘brains’ can solve any challenge.

5.    Choose a web developer having an attitude, not just a skill set

In the rapidly changing world of technology, the skills are becoming obsolete after every two years. Therefore, you should hire a web developer that is adaptable to the technological changes and has an outlook on improving innovative technologies. The simple way to discover this is to ask about:

  • programming languages;
  • places the team often visits for getting new tips, tricks and solutions;
  • attended technology conferences.

6.    Don’t ask regular and trivia questions about programming

These are the questions, which could be easily memorized. It does not help you to find a smart and intelligent candidate, but only sort out those, which are good at memorization. It is better to ask open-ended questions and listen how well the candidate is able to answer and communicate, explaining the technical terms simply.

7.    Do they stick to deadlines?

Deadlines are extremely important to deliver the task in a timely manner. During the interview, ask questions about how they follow the deadline, doing a project in their portfolio, what happen if they fail task delivering on time and what they will do if they fall behind their deadline. Ensure that they are ready for deadlines and able to clearly communicate if they fail.

8.    Know about their standards

Explore standards of web development working process in order to know, whether the program they communicate would have bugs and crashes or not. Ask for their comment how they fix any bugs as if they miss them. This will ensure that there won’t be any problems for future changes.

9.    Ability to get training and train others

One of the major problems that employer faces to is the lack of ability to take feedback with their executors. A good executor is who recognizes shortcomings, works on them and is always ready to improve.

10.    Get a demo of their portfolio

Sometimes, candidates send a link to the portfolio including fake projects. Thus, always ask for demo versions of their portfolio. Ask questions about the cases and check for references to make sure that it’s their genuine work.

11.    Conduct rapid prototype test

Give them a programming problem to solve. Ask what they will do to fix glitches.

12.    Do not rush the selection process

If you rush into the hiring process, you will be most likely to fail. Develop a process step by step, making an initial short list of candidates, call screening, interviews and a rapid prototype test.

In these cases, you will be able to get the best web development team with desired skills for your business.

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