5 Of The Most Effective WaysHaving a web presence is a necessity for every business operating today.

However, getting traffic to your website is a challenge, and many businesses struggle to get to the first page of Google and Bing for the lion’s share of the traffic.

If you’re struggling to get your website to the top, these tips below will help get you started on the right path.

1. Social Media

Social media has been gaining momentum for the last several years, and in 2016, social media has begun to replace traditional websites in the search engines. Although personal webpages are still relevant, you should still use your social media pages in conjunction with your personal site for the best results. Optimizing your social media profiles will no doubt pay off very soon if it hasn’t already.

2. Video

Videos are great for entertaining and getting people engaged. If you place videos on your website in a strategic manner, your site will rise in the rank. On Google, video universally accounts for over half of the search results. It also seems that search engines are giving preferential treatment to sites that utilize video for their marketing campaigns. If you don’t have any videos made yet, you can have some created for you cheaply, or you may be able to borrow someone else’s videos until you have several made. Just be sure to ask for permission first.

3. Visitors

Backlinks seem to be losing power in 2016, and many site owners are starting to realize that visitors and engagement are more valuable areas to focus on. Websites that have high traffic volumes are outranking a lot of sites that have huge libraries of backlinks. It’s all about making users happy, and the sites that can do that are rewarded with better rankings.

4. Mobile Optimization

Everybody has smartphones in this day and age, and many use their phones to search the net. It’s imperative to have a mobile optimized site to give users a better experience while they’re on their mobile devices. Google has recently released a new algorithm to make mobile optimized websites more relevant to their search engine. Incorporating a mobile marketing strategy into your overall SEO plan needs to be a priority if it isn’t already.

5. Learn About Business

Schools such as the Interactive College of Technology have great degree programs to help you learn about business and technology. With the constant evolution of the internet, SEO trends and algorithm updates are areas that need to be anticipated to stay current. A degree that educates you on how to stay ahead of the curve needs to be considered if you want to pursue SEO as a career.

Integrating the above tips into your marketing strategy will work if they’re executed correctly. Focusing on mobile optimization, social media, and video alone is often enough to skyrocket your webpage. Nonetheless, all the above tips need to be considered for long-term rankings.