How to Clean Up Your Cell StorageCleaning up cell phone storage is like trying to get rid of junk, while organizing a kitchen catchall drawer.

You open it and see enough miscellaneous items to fill two or three drawers, and often you reach a point of having to do decide what to do with it all, which means choosing what to keep, what is insignificant, and what’s trash.

Maybe your Smartphone isn’t an overstuffed kitchen drawer, but it has the capacity to accumulate a lot of clutter that outweighs its intended purpose. It can become a daunting task, so before you give up and abandon the project altogether, check out some tips to help you get started.

Find out What’s Hogging Your Memory

Shut down apps to preserve battery life like Facebook that can take up to 89MB+ and clean out cached data. You may need to delete apps and download wanted apps again. Delete old voice mails, emails, texts, and podcasts as well.

Other Apps

There are other apps on your phone that are probably eating up memory. Search for the files that are downloaded on your phone and see how much each one uses. For downloaded files, look at the instructions for eliminating superfluous items and follow the individual phone type for getting into storage areas.

  • Android phone = from settings go to storage
  • iPhones = from settings, go to general, on to usage, and finally to manage storage
  • Windows (operating system) phone = go to Storage Sense, to Phone or SD Card

SD Card Storage

If your phone has an SD card you can transfer photos, documents, and music and not have to worry about clogging memory.

How to Clean Up Your Cell Storage

Cloud Service

Files can be easily stored on a cloud service provider, which can maintain text messages, music, videos, phone contacts, and logs of calls with a usual amount of 5 GB storage.

Account Plan

Look at your account plan with your provider and view the data usage, messages, and the amount of minutes used. Actual usage could be a wake-up call, and you may have to rethink your current plan and make some adjustments. Maybe unlocking your current phone service with and taking a look at enrolling with another network besides your current carrier would be something to consider, particularly with data usage and costs.

Your Smartphone doesn’t have to be bogged down with all sorts of unnecessary apps, files, documents, videos, pictures, and other items. It’s a simple process to clean up your phone and restore its speed to what is was from the time it was new out of the box. Taking a hard look at storage alternatives is an easy way to restore your Smartphone while preserving important data.