Gambling in The United KingdomThe United Kingdom boasts one of the most progressive regulations when it comes to gambling, both in terms of traditional brick-and-mortar establishments as well as online gambling.

A Long Tradition of Gambling in the Country

The social role of gambling has been recognized in Britain for well over 150 years with regulations being put in place since the middle of the 19th century. While gambling hasn’t always had a great reputation, the last decades have completely obliterated old clichés and have given the gambling industry, particularly online gambling a new face and a new social role.

This was all possible because of the very liberal Gambling Act of 2005 which allowed operators sufficient freedom to expand their offers while also ensuring they maintain very high standards of quality.

After the Gambling Act of 2005 the industry boomed in the United Kingdom with numerous new land-based and online casinos making their way into the main scene. But this wasn’t the only thing that changed as the general perception of casinos was transformed. While just a couple of decades ago casinos were shady businesses with a high potential for scamming, today they are one of the most popular ways of spending your free time. Their social importance has also increased, with online casino in particular being a great place to spend time with friends or family or even a good way to make new friends while having fun and enjoying an endless array of fun games.

The introduction of mobile casinos was another shock to the market and increased online gambling’s popularity even more. The increased ease of use and the convenience of mobile casinos meant that anyone could access their favourite casino from just about anywhere in the UK, at any point in time.

The boom in the number of casinos also meant that some casinos simply couldn’t deliver what they promised. This is why sites like appeared; offering gambling enthusiasts from the UK important information on UKGC regulated casinos and sportsbooks.

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Getting Past Obstacles on the Way to Growth

Of course, the impressive growth of the UK gambling scene didn’t mean that the industry didn’t see some tougher moments. One such moment was the disastrous Cheltenham Festival of 2016 where 9 favourites and one joint favourite won from a total of 28 races. This led to losses upward of £60 million for some bookies. The CEO of Ladbrokes, one of the hardest hit bookies by the Cheltenham results said that the highly competitive nature of the industry has led bookies to renounce bookmaking principles and gamble with themselves in an effort to offer their clients the best possible odds and promotions.

Some reports even suggest that the gambling participation is decreasing, however, close analysis of the data shows that while participation for the National Lottery has plummeted, online casinos’ popularity continues to grow.

Mobile casinos are the latest topic of discussion when it comes to the UK gambling scene. Their popularity is growing year on year especially in the more tech savvy generations like users between the ages of 25 and 34. While growth is expected to continue regardless, the industry’s challenge for the next couple of years if promoting mobile casinos for other age groups, particularly the 45 and over demographic.