Xamarin mobile app development platformCurrently, we can observe the tendency that hardly can any business expect for the success not having a mobile app.

It can be hard for a business owner to decide, though, in what a way to conduct the development process. That’s why, I decided to study the field and came with quite a beneficial option.

There are two possible solutions to the app development issue. The first one is native platform development, and the second is cross-platform. Each having its pros and cons.

TO the beneficial features of native development belong fast performance, outstanding user experience, and access to all the device features. Hybrid cross-platform platform development can boast of fast implementation. However, it goes with slow performance, limited UX and UI features, as well as, limited access to native APIs. Although, if you choose the first option (native), you’ll have to face with high cost and long development period.

What to do then? And here I’m going to introduce you to Xamarin, the development platform that allows to share up to 90% of the non-interface code. It uses only one language – C#. So, you need to hire only one specialist who can write an app that can be run on iOS, Android, and Windows. Moreover, this app will feel like native on all the platforms as Xamarin provides developers with full access to device features. Xamarin needs only a few days to update all its features after other platforms launch their version update.

It has other services to make the work on an app even more convenient. These are Xamarin Insights and Xamarin Test Cloud. The former allows you to track all the user interactions on your app, track necessary information, and keep an eye on the crashes and how they influence the users. The latter conducts a full test of an app interacting with it in the same way as your users will do.

As a conclusion, I have to say that if you want to get a native app for all iOS, Android, and Windows and save time and money, too, Xamarin is a great option for you.

You can check out major features in infographic below, and also get more details at http://gloriumtech.com/xamarin-development

xamarin app development infographic

You can get more details at http://gloriumtech.com/xamarin-development