Active@ UNDELETE SoftwareRunning Microsoft Windows OS means you should be ready to deal with unpredictable events at any point of time, especially if web surfing is something that you do on a daily basis.

The list of vulnerabilities in Windows seems to be infinite, and it is constantly replenished with more and more items.

So if you’ve decided to give some piece of software a try and got it downloaded from a 3rd party resource, the risks of dealing with malware, malicious code or virus increases greatly.

A 1-minute install may bring down your OS and eventually erase some vital information. The scenario is almost routine. And this is where Active@ Undelete comes to the rescue. A brilliant, totally affordable app helps you kick back your files, volumes, and even partitions, undo the unauthorized changes and bring the OS to normality. And there’s even more stuff on its board.

Active@ Undelete represents a heavyweight package comprised of a bunch of micro-products that solve a variety of problems associated accidental files deletion or unexpected OS crashes. Designed by LSoft Technologies Inc. department, a prominent Canadian company with years of experience under the belt, the software boasts seamless performance and intuitiveness of interface.

Active@ Undelete supports the most popular operating systems by Windows: from the obsolete Windows 2003 and Windows XP to the 7th and 8th version of the popular OS. The unbootable PC can be recovered with the help of the bootable disc armed with Active@ Undelete. The app works with large HDD volumes (2+Tb) and recognizes a long list of extensions. What is particularly important, it supports flash drives, memory cards and a good number of external devices.

Recovery Explorer View
Recovery Explorer View

So how it works?

Boot up the application and start scanning the necessary device for the missing files; it will take some time for the app to gather the results under one roof in a Windows-like browser. You may also want to search for the missing partitions – if they are overwritten or deleted, the odds for recovery are still pretty good. You may also want to recover the particular files from your drives – the software provides you with the list of signatures you can use to speed up the files search.

Unfortunately, Active@ Undelete is not a complete panacea – it can hardly guarantee the recovery of all the files; however, at least, it simplifies your labor in a number of ways. Thus, you can preview certain files before recovering them, plus you can modify the properties of partitions to achieve more effective recovery results. However, bear in mind that adding new data over the deleted data decreases the chances of recovery.

Active@ Undelete is supplied in a bunch of versions, including the freeware one. Of course, it is deprived of several crucial features, but it could be a good starting point for switching to a more professional product. You may also want to check the DEMO version, the functionality of which is way more closer to Standard, Professional and Ultimate editions. The price range for Home Version of the savvy recovery assistant starts from as little as $19.99 – an absolutely reasonable investment to stay on the safe side of the road for as long as you run your PC.

Let us know how things turn out. In theory, it should work, but if they don’t know all the angles they can’t make any firm predictions.