Popular Web Design Trends in 2016Website designing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the market. Owing to an effective usage of web development technology, web designers have been able to create dynamic websites.

Using some advanced JavaScript and CSS principles, these results can be achieved even by novice web designers. Hence, there is no room for any excuses for not implementing the latest web design techniques in modern website development projects.

Static websites stand no chance in today’s web world. Moreover, if you are a website developer then it is important for you to understand and learn the various tricks and trades of modern web designing courses. After all, it is not a simple job to create a good website which engages visitors with simple navigation and functionality as well as a good visual appeal. Focus is targeted at implementing modern design principles which simplify human-machine interaction while also offering an improved user experience.

Alright, we are going to take a look at some of the latest web design practices in web designing field. We know that professional web designers adopt some of the latest techniques in web designing to create beautiful websites. It is about prudently using a combination of various UI elements and design principles, such as layouts, fonts, images, buttons, links and more. So, let us take a look at the 10 Popular Web Design Trends in 2016.

1) Animations


Today, animated GIFs and emoticons are widely used in several chat, social networking and online collaboration applications. Besides, there are also a host of JavaScript animation libraries which allow designers to infuse interactive features in websites, such as 3D effects, swoosh effects, transition and transform effects as well as other physics-based animations. The role of motion graphics in the development of user interfaces is very crucial.

2) Typography


Typography has a key role to play in the latest web design processes. Today, websites are inclined towards both, information and promotion. Hence, using the right kind of typefaces for different parts of a website is important. Of course, it all depends upon the kind of website to be developed. The availability of various online font tools, like Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit is paving way for the emergence of new typefaces which look trendy.

3) Infographics


Infographics are informative images which can be used in a variety of contexts. They also add an element of fun in to websites. Besides, infographics more easily capture the attention of an online visitor than lengthy, boring texts. Today, infographics are used on website homepage, online banners, blogs and more.

4) Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling

Since 2011, parallax scrolling has been adopted by web designers as a technique to make a website appear more fluid and dynamic. Using HTML and CSS, the technique includes a range of possibilities in terms of scrolling effects, such as mouse over, horizontal, animated and more. In 2016, parallax scrolling has huge importance in web designing with so much scope in terms of innovation.

5) Timelines


The growing trend of developing theme-based websites is becoming popular. Timelines are quickly becoming a well-known web design technique amongst developers. Timelines provide a good foundation for showcasing the history of popular brands or companies. When used in combination with other techniques like background videos and 3D effects, timelines can make a website look awesome.

6) Video Backgrounds

Video Backgrounds

A video background is another important element of the latest web design techniques. There are various ways to implement this technique, such as video background loops, motion backgrounds, animated video backgrounds and more. We have a range of examples of websites with video backgrounds on the internet for gaining some inspiration.

7) Ghost Buttons

Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are one of the latest innovative techniques implemented in designing website buttons. They are primarily used for websites with video backgrounds. Of course, there are various other styles for designing buttons which look great in their own way when used in a particular context. Today, we have 3D buttons, swoosh buttons, badges and more.

8) Card-style interfaces

Card-style interfaces

Today, several large websites use frames which allow presenting multimedia content with ease. User interfaces benefit from having a flexible layout with multiple cards which allows more scope for customization. Several popular websites like Pinterest have popularized this emerging trend by adopting it on their website.

9) Full-screen sliders

Full-screen sliders

Slider is an important feature for making a website look trendier. Initially, they were used in image galleries or portfolio websites, but today, we have websites with full-fledged, full screen sliders with timed effects or horizontal scrolling effects. Full-screen sliders are becoming an important technique for simplifying website navigation for large and complex websites.

10) Responsive Design

Responsive Design

It is important for web designers to provide a consistent user experience of a website on various devices like smart phones and tablets. Owing to this, there is an increase in the usage of template-based web design which also includes some ready-to-use, free responsive themes. Of course, there are pros and cons to this. Nevertheless, responsive web design cannot be ignored.


To sum it up, there are several new and interesting web design techniques which are implemented to innovate a range of user interface elements. Some trends like iconography, illustrations, multiple layers. Learning responsive design and more have also captured the attention of modern web designers. Moreover, there is a rise in the availability of free design resources, such as free UI kits, free icon sets, website templates, themes, buttons and more. All this makes the work of designers more exciting. We can be sure that web design trends will continue to evolve over time as technology progresses. There is much scope for innovation in web design field and we can witness some cool web design masterpieces in the years to come. If you want to share any feedback then you can write your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you.

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