Monitoring applicationsMonitoring applications have completely redefined the whole concept of look out for or tracking an individual.

Whether it is lack of trust or the fast paced life that makes it impossible to be around physically, either ways monitoring apps have helped keep track of loved ones in a virtual way that is both safe and convenient.

However, with thousands of different monitoring apps available in the market today one would easily get confused about which one to get. Therefore, to help you make the right decision when you are going to buy a monitoring software, we have put together a few essential pointers to consider.


This is a highly sensitive and important issue to consider when you are going to buy a monitoring application. The price that you are paying for should be directly proportional to the features and services that the monitoring application is offering. This means, you should do a thorough market research before settling on any one application. A market research is going to help you become better acquainted with the products being offered. Moreover, you will be able to make better comparisons based on features and prices at the same time.

Furthermore, you should also highly consider the applications that allow you a free demo version before any formal purchases are made so that even if you are not satisfied after the trial version you can back out without spending any extra money.

Variety of Features

Any monitoring application is recognized and acknowledged based on the features that it is offering. There are usually two kinds of monitoring applications found in the market today. The first kind is the one offering few strong features. The second kind accounts for those monitoring applications that offer a variety of features and can be used in an array of circumstances. Here is a list of spy app features that should be considered before buying a monitoring application.

  1. Monitoring internet activity
    This feature is beneficial for both parents as well as spouses who want to keep a check on their partner’s internet activity. Parents should be able to keep track if their teen are accessing adult sites. Employers also need this feature to make sure their employees are not wasting time on inadequate internet browsing.
  2. Keeping track of incoming and outgoing messages and calls
    If you think your partner is cheating on you then this is a very beneficial feature as it stores all incoming and outgoing call logs as well messages and notifies you of them. In case of parents, it helps them be aware of the people that their teens are in close contact with. This is also a helpful feature for employers who want to make sure their companies’ secrets are not misused.
  3. Tracking location
    Parents need this feature especially because of the increased freedom that teen demand and the increased number of teens going missing. Moreover, cheating partners can also be easily tracked and confronted.
  4. Tracking battery life; especially important for parents
    If you have given your teen any extent of freedom then be sure to check their battery life for if teens wander way and complain about the battery dying then you will know the truth.
  5. Tracking emails and chat histories
    Whether it’syour teens, employees or partners, this feature will help you uncover many hidden mysteries for your and others safety and security.
  6. Blocking specific sites, calls, messages and other internet activity
    This feature is usually applied to work environments in order to increase productivity. It is also a good feature for parents who want to block various adult and inappropriate sites.
  7. Tracking social media sites
    Tracking your employees’ social media portals will ensure that no secrets and important information is leakedeither deliberately or accidentally. Incase of teens, this feature helps parents keep them safe from cyber bullying and giving out too much personal information.
  8. Keeping track of contacts
    Every parent should be well aware of who their teen corresponds with regularly and what they talk about. Having the right contact plays a significant role in developing teens personalities.

User face compatibility

This is an important feature to consider since the monitoring application that you are opting for should be compatible with a variety of user interfaces. You shouldn’t have to purchase another monitoring application in case you change your gadgets. This would cost you added hassle and money therefore make sure the monitoring application that you get can be used on a variety of interfaces.

Keeping these things in mind before going to purchase a monitoring application will help you make a better decision. After putting in so much effort and money, it is important that you come to a well justified and researched decision.

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