Cloud Based AppCloud computing applications, or apps, as they are more popularly called, are certain cloud-based services, which are also called Software as a Service (SaaS).

Programs, which previously needed to be individually installed on computers, are now available online.

All that is needed by a user to access those programs or applications is an account and a password.

A Quick History Of The Cloud

Initial foray of technology companies into the cloud was not very successful. Companies such as Microsoft and Oracle tried delivering their applications from the cloud. These were very large applications, and the attempts failed. Where the cloud really succeeded were two areas – data storage and communication systems. There are a plethora of companies offering data storage facilities where you can store and share anything. Now, over the recent past, small apps have started becoming popular on the cloud.

The Modern Apps

These apps are unparalleled, when it comes to keeping and maintaining track of notes to accounting and carrying out a host of other activities. As cloud based technology undergo constant modification and development, more and more companies are coming up with new and more innovative cloud based applications, with more and more value added features. Let us discuss some of the best and the most prolific cloud based applications that are being used in 2015.


This is one of the most competent online backup services, which relentlessly produce file backups on the server or a system. The app offers the smaller businesses adequate space for creating backup for their system and server files, at a cost effective price, so that the files and documents can be retrieved in the event of any data loss crisis.


This app virtually turns a computer into a VoIP phone, offering the users the option of making and receiving calls, chatting (video as well as audio) to other users of Skype free of cost. However, calls to landlines and other mobile phones can be made at a very meager fee. This app goes a long way in saving businesses a considerable amount of time and fees, when it comes to communicating with other business stake holders. Even domestic users benefit a lot from this cloud based app.


This application is almost like a file folder, which can be accessed by the modern gadgets and devices in seamless way. Users can simply drag any file or folder into Box, and once that is done, the file can accessed from anywhere in the world, wherever there is any internet connection.


It is more a time-tracking application than anything else. The app allows the users to create projects and tasks and assign a stipulated amount of time for completing them. The application also helps to log the time that tasks need for completion. It also has the provision of showing at any given point in time, the amount of stipulated time left for a particular task to be completed, which makes billing extremely accurate as well as easy.


This app offers seamless printing and design when it comes to making of postcards, minicards, and business cards. The application also has the provision of customizing the designs it comes up with, import images from FaceBook, Picasa, Etsy and the likes.


This is basically a platform to publish emails, thereby allowing businesses – small, medium and large, to design and deal with their email campaigns as per their business requirements.

Google Business Apps

Thanks to this particular app, a number of computer programs simply now seize to exist, as it has eliminated their needs. Google Business App helps creating and saving text documents, slide shows, spreadsheets, and other docs.

So all these, and quite a few other cloud based applications make the life of business runners as well as their stake holders and others much easier.