China SmartphonesWant to learn about some smartphones unlike any you’ve seen before?

These smartphones from China will make you wonder “What were they thinking?” “Why don’t I already own this?” or “What’s next?”

1. Golden Buddha Phone

Marketed as an elegant smartphone for the successful businesswoman, the Golden Buddha Phone is shaped like a 90s Tamagotchi pet and flips open to reveal a rounded screen and keyboard. The exterior is decorated with a genuine jade stone, ‘pearl lacquer powder,’ and a 24-karat gold plated finish– all of which we can only assume is real.

The spiritual aspect of this phone comes into play with a virtual ‘prayer hall.’ This feature allows the user to pray to an image of Buddha or various Bodhisattva. Five virtual items are available as prayer offerings.

This phone was launched as a reserve edition in 2009, sold out quickly, and is not expected to return.

2. Phones with Built-In Malware

Are you tired of the usual security threats that come along with online shopping and downloading questionable free apps? Test your luck by purchasing the Star N9500, a Chinese smartphone highly likely to be preloaded with spyware!

German security firm G Data identified that this phone carries spyware called Uupay.D, which is virtually invisible to users. It intercepts personal data shared over the phone– such as credit card numbers and email contents– then sends it to a server in China.

Worse yet, this spyware comes embedded in the smartphone’s firmware and cannot be uninstalled.

3. Phone with 47 Hours of Talk-Time

Many of the most popular smartphones average 10-13 hours of battery life. But for people who chronically forget to charge their phone– or just never stop talking– this may not be enough.

China’s THL 5000 boasts an impressive 47 hours talk-time for 2G, and 30 hours for 3G. This is because it packs a 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The battery is dense and compact, allowing the phone to maintain a sleek appearance similar to other smartphones.

One cost of having this impressive battery is that it cannot be removed or replaced by the user.

4. Phone Built for Survival

Some people constantly drop their phones. And some people often find themselves in precarious situations outdoors– lost in the woods or stuck in ravines. Whatever the case may be, China’s Runbo X3 has your back.

The Runbo X3 is designed to absorb shock. Its thick outer casing is dust-proof, and waterproof in up to three feet of water! This phone can help you navigate with its GPS maps, and can be used in walkie-talkie mode to communicate with other Runbo X3s up to six miles away. It also has an awesome built-in laser pointer because, well… we’re not sure why.

5. The Turing Phone

Currently available for pre-order, the Turing Phone is an Android device unlike any other. Its standout features are physical and virtual safety. Turing Robotics Industries (TRI) CEO Syl Chao describes it like this: “We’re walking into the cypher age.”

The Turing Phone’s frame and shell are made of ‘liquid metal,’ purported to be stronger than steel and titanium, and impervious to bending. Its internal components are shielded by a fully waterproof nano-coating.

Its virtual components are safeguarded by the Turing Imitation Key. Instead of relying on third parties for authentication and encryption, TRI has its own complete, decentralized authentication scheme.

The phone comes in three inspired aesthetic designs– Beowulf, Cardinal, and Pharoah. Its futuristic appeal certainly makes us wonder what’s next in the world of quirky and cutting-edge smartphone designs from China.

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