Pebble Time Vinyl SkinThere’s a reason why smartwatches are rapidly growing in popularity.

For those of us tired of pulling out our smartphones from our pockets or bags just to read a text that simply says “lol”, a smartwatch lets us see the note with a simple tilt of our wrist.

On top of time saving measures that allow us to quickly read our phone’s notifications, smartwatches are designed to run all of your favourite apps like Pandora, Uber, ESPN, and Jawbone.

At the top of the pack sits the Pebble Time, an inexpensive smartwatch that packs a powerful processing punch. Since it’s compatible with both Android and iOS, it’s a cinch to synch up with your smartphone.

You won’t experience any delays in receiving the latest text, message, or email you receive. The Time also offers up an unbelievable 7 days of battery life, even when it’s always on for you to check through baseballscores, calendar events, breaking news, and texts.

Its e-paper display is adaptable and shows over a thousand different watchfaces. You can also interchange the band to account for a more colourful design. But one thing that you can’t customize is its inner and outer faces or its buttons. Factory settings apply to every Time that sits on every single wrist, which is a huge disappointment for those who want something a little more personalized for their smartwatch.

Luckily there’s something that you can apply directly to its face and buttons to instantly add a little personality to your Time. Pebble Time wraps are an amazing addition to your smartwatch. Coming in matte, metallic, leather, and wood textures, there’s a style that will fit anyone’s tastes. You can even mix them, choosing a different colour and texture for the buttons and the inner and outer faces. You won’t know what combination you like the best until you see them and mix them on a build-a-wrap interface.

Pebble Time Vinyl Skins

So spend some time shopping online, and play with the newest Pebble time wraps available to what combo works best with your Time.

But the Pebble Time wraps you purchase online will be wearing two hats. While a wrap will personalize your Time according to your unique sense of style, it will also protect your smartwatch from scratches, dings, dents, and grime build-up. A quality wrap will be made out of a 3M vinyl that will provide an unprecedented amount of protection and coverage. No part of your Time will be left to face the ravages of the outdoors on its own, as Pebble Time wraps are precision cut to your smartwatch’s exact specs.

Invest in your Pebble Time by purchasing a wrap. With the added level of protection, you’ll be able to wear it without worrying about damaging it, and the wrap’s customizable skin can be easily changed to fit your wardrobe. So when the Time continues to grow in popularity and finds its way to more and more wrists, you’ll stand out from the crowd with a great looking smartwatch.