internet threatsInternet has always been the most important part of our day to day activities. Internet has become inevitable for every sphere of life, thus creating a space of comfort and saving a lot of time.

When Internet was under the initial phase of development, the designers did not anticipate that the network users would be the source of malware attacks and hence did not think of working on it to protect genuine users from the online frauds.

The vulnerability has become a permanent design flaw that has been found from the day the internet has come into existence. The failure was exploited by the bogus users destroying thousands of systems thereby bringing in a million dollar damage. Internet makers are thus responsible for such a design flaw causing such a vulnerability over the network.

David D. Clark, a scientist at MIT, who was also one of the Internet designers claims to be responsible for the security flaw, when he came to know about the deleterious computer worm that was first to spread infecting the machines, sliding and slipping through the network and got surprised when he came to know that the first infection was planted by a computer user.

The virus that was found infecting the machine was a tiny piece of software. It was provisioned to replicate its copies to spread to infect the other computers. The virus exploited the Internet speed, availability and connectivity to infect the malicious content onto the normal operations of the computer.

Clark recalls and says that they did not exclude the work on security, as they very well knew there were frauds and illegitimate people around and rather were considering to eliminate them. We had more thoughts in focusing on the technicalities in sending and receiving information instantly and reliably. But things turned topsy turvy. The internet was initially built for a few dozens of users who formed an online community for specific purposes but now it has become a platform to connect more than 3 billion people.

The internet threats are becoming worse day by day even after spending a billion dollar investment on computer security. The interest in destroying or interfering the other user’s activities have now paved the way to reach great heights in threatening retailers, government organizations and banks.

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The generation who found the internet are no more responsible for exposing the internet to threats. Users with bad intent are always round the corner to interfere the activities of the other users.

How to overcome this permanent flaw of vulnerability

It is always important to equip yourself with a security force as the vulnerability remains permenant any time of the day. It is a good practice to incorporate the use of Internet security to secure and protect your system from harmful internet based attacks.

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