Cloud VoIP solutionsEven though we have numerous options for communicating with our clients or customers, a phone call is often considered to be the most personal and effective method.

Text messages, emails and voice messages are also used for communication but when it comes to adding a touch of personal note, phone calls become the most preferred.

SMBs are investing a lot of money on building their communication infrastructure and the latest trend in this regard is VoIP. One of the latest market surveys has revealed that 41% of the organizations that have employee strength of 100 or lower have switched to the latest cloud VoIP communication system. There are several other companies that are thinking of moving to VoIP in the future.

SMBs all over the world are now following suit as they have started realizing that in order to create an advance and robust communication system, they will need to leverage the power of cloud telephony. The big question is “How important is cloud VoIP solutions for SMBs”. This can be answered by considering the advantages that VoIP offers to the SMBs. Here is the list of benefits of opting for a cloud based VoIP solution:

Advanced Telephony features

The biggest challenge for SMBs is to appropriately propagate the image of the company to the customer base. Now, customers rely on companies that offer professional customer service, which can be offered only when organizations use advanced telecommunication solutions. Start-ups and small business setups often work with a handful of executives and attending to every customer call becomes an overwhelming job. This is where a cloud based VoIP solution can work wonders by facilitating professional handling of calls. If a business opts for the latest VoIP solution then they will be able to avail amazing features like call on hold, automated routing, call forwarding, email notification, voicemail etc. Organizations will be able to even integrate the VoIP solutions with their existing CRM and mail systems that facilitate effective and efficient communication with customers.

Cloud VoIP solutions

Valuable Savings

SMBs have to be very careful with their finances because over expenditure can lead to huge debts or losses. There is no point in investing huge amount to create a reliable communication system because can opt for an efficient VoIP solution at a fraction of the cost. VoIP systems can make it easier for you to free up your IT team members and use them to core business operations. Freeing up your resources is really important when you are working with a small team. VoIP helps to establish a centralized communication network where companies don’t have to pay for the additional features or multiple lines.

Higher Productivity

Productivity losses can be easily cut down by organizations when they are using VoIP because it does not need frequent maintenance like the legacy systems. Your employees will be able to focus on the core jobs rather than waste time in maintaining the communication system. This would all eventually lead to greater profits and efficient company.


Advanced features like video conferencing, Find Me/Follow Me etc. makes it extremely easy to keep in touch with the customers. Thus, VoIP is the perfect addition to any SMB that wants to offer high quality customer service.

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