Unified CommunicationsUnified communication is the latest technology that’s facilitating the creation of an advanced communication infrastructure for organizations.

It is the only technology that is offering the best of several communication technologies in a combined fashion. For instance it is a melange of email, instant messaging, telephone services and video conferencing.

Several company owners and top level management personnel are aware of Unified Communication but they do not know about the actual benefits by it. Organizations that implement UC are able to avail both real-time as well as non real-time communication by using a single solution.

Some of the major benefits offered by UC (Unified Communication) are as follows:

Enhancement of employee productivity

Customer relation is one of the most important aspects of any business and when your employees are aware of the incoming as well as the outgoing calls then they are able to provide better customer service. Unified communication makes it easier for employees to maintain good customer relation as they are able to avail all the channels of communication from a single platform. For instance, if a customer had sent an email with a certain concern and then later calls up the company, customer care executives will be able to retrieve the mail and check out the problem quickly. This will not only give an opportunity to serve the customer in a better manner but also enhance the productivity of an employee. They will be able to reduce their minute per incidence and better their performance.

The best thing about UC is that the business owner is able to provide real time data to all employees. It would also enable the owner to keep a tab on the performance of his employees as he can carry out better quality checks and gain useful insights into an employee’s customer interaction style.

Get the opportunity to use innovative technology

UC or Unified Communications itself is an innovative technology and the experts have devised a system that is operated digitally by the using servers. All the information collected by the Unified communications system transmits it to a common server. This can be later availed to retrieve information received in the form of mails, messages and calls. UC supports mobile telephony and communication between customers and company can take place from anywhere around the world.

Business give a lot of emphasis on contact management and Unified communications streamlines this process. You will not only be able to store all contact information on a central location but also get to see all the communications between all the clients and company on the dashboard only. Employees too will be able to benefit from UC because it would allow them to find out whether the client they intend to call was contacted by someone else from the company recently or not.

Improvement in business operations with UC

Business operations too can be positively impacted by the use of Unified Communications. As a business owner you will be able to find out if a customer keeps on complaining about the same problem to different employees or not. You will be able to simplify the process of answering the customer queries. Business operations will become smoother when you have UC backing up your communication systems.

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