Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About IP AddressesThose of you all working in the IT (Information Technology) sector might as well have come across word IP address a lot of times.

Whether you admit it or not, there are several IT employees who are not aware of what an IP address actually is. If you are one of them, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

There are several things which we do not know about. So if you are wondering “what is my ip?” then make sure you are reading on to discover the answer to your question.

What is an IP address?

The IP or the Internet Protocol Address does the same thing for your computer that your residential address does to your home. Your IP address is a unique number which distinguishes your computer from that of the others. The internet is basically a worldwide network connected by unrelated computers. So, it is only natural for this network (i.e. the internet) to be governed by certain protocols. And, the computers can function in conjunction with the internet only when they abide by these protocols. The IP address, needless to mention, is part of these protocols. Every machine can be located easily by virtue of this numerical figure (i.e. the IP address).

IP address

The ISP or Internet Service Provider generally offers dynamic or static IP addresses to users. The static address does not alter with the change of the internet secession, while the dynamic one does change in accordance. The IP address can be utilized to identify your browsing overall and internet habits. It is important for you to understand that the information thus collected (i.e. your download and surfing habits) can often be sold to marketers—who will then target you for relevant ads. You can definitely stop your information getting hacked in this fashion. However, before going in to details of how you can do it, we will learn more about what an IP address is.

IP address: A few more aspects explained

Typically, here is how your IP address is arranged:

  • IP Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
  • Hostname: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (same as IP address)
  • City: _____
  • State: ________
  • Country: ___________
  • Postal Code: _____
  • ISP: _________
  • Organization: _________ (same as ISP or Internet Service Provider)

The addresses assigned to certain computers for a period of time can be tracked by getting in touch with Internet Service Provider, who offers the log records. This is especially needed when there are some unlawful actions carried out from particular computers.

However, when it comes to unethical hacking of your private information, you can definitely resist such attempts by hiding your IP using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnel. There are several companies offering VPN services. Make sure that you are educating yourself about the functionalities of this particular feature (i.e. VPN) and getting it integrated with your computer system immediately.

What is VPN

How to choose VPN service provider?

Please take care to choose your VPN service provider with due prudence. Study their schemes and learn about the background of the provider before settling for their services.