SIP TrunkingSIP is preferred by business owners across the globe because it brings down the communication costs and at the same time create a perpetual communication system that never fails.

Session Initiation Protocol initiates the sessions over an IP network and it is one of the most preferred protocols of VoIP users. SIP has been found to work smoothly with internet applications and users are able to avail a variety of services that include  Internet telephony for voice and video calls, as well as instant messaging all over Internet Protocol networks.

SIP trunking is an extremely intelligent and flexible technology that facilitates the maximization of VoIP services over your IP PBX system. The IP PBX system and the voice network can be easily connected using SIP trunking and your telephone system is going to be up and running even when other networks are down. The calls can be easily routed between networks making your communication system extremely easy even in the event of a failure of other networks.

Session Initiation Protocol

For all the medium as well as large business, SIP trunking is the most appropriate technology to use. If you wish to revolutionize the way your business communication works, SIP trunking is just the perfect solution for your business. With SIP trunking you will be able to help a variety of communication tools and applications like text, chat, voice call and email. SIP is the most flexible and user-friendly technology that makes communication effective and affordable.

IP PBX system

How does SIP trunking support my business?

  • Quick ROI – For implementing SIP trunking, you will not require spending a fortune and can be managed with little capital expenditure. You will see immediate reduction in costs and at the same time you will be able to retain all the features that are usually found with local PBX.
  • Leverage the broadband availability – SIP trunks are usually delivered over an IP network and with the help of compression you will be able to get more call volume over the broadband circuit.
  • Power quick geographic growth – Networking can be used to combine both the data and voice and SIP trunks will help to connect remote business locations by expanding the geographic data and voice system.
  • Considerable reduction in call costs – SIP trunking can not only help you reduce your telephone bills but also facilitate low cost calls to your communication system.
  • Paves the way for Unified Communication – SIP trunking provides the foundation for designing a UC system that helps you to integrate data, voice, instant messaging, application sharing and presence on a common platform.
  • Enhanced Productivity – Collaboration among your employees will definitely get a boost with SIP trunking. Besides this all communications between your employees and customers will be smooth and efficient. This will all lead to enhanced productivity of your employees.
  • Scalability – Scalability on-demand is one of the biggest advantages offered by SIP trunking as you will never have to worry while scaling up your communication system. You do not have to plan much and invest almost nothing for scaling up the communication system.
  • Reliability – SIP trunking is popular for being very stable and it does not go down with power outages or other failures as the calls can be easily re-routed to different offices, mobile phones and other locations.
  • Enhanced Mobility – You can provide a blend of cloud based services and local telephony features by opting for SIP trunking. Thus, you will be able to easily extend mobility to remote offices and other locations.

SIP trunking has all the features that turn it into a perfect fit for modern businesses that want efficient and effective communication well within their budget.

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