Tech Predictions 2015In 2014, we’ve seen some exciting new technologies leave their mark, but what’s next for the industry? What Technology Can We Expect From 2015?

Things are being created on a daily basis. And, because it happens so gradually, we almost don’t realise just how far technology has come in recent years. Let’s think about it for a minute. At the turn of the millennium, very few people had flat screen TVs – instead they were huge space eaters which were almost as deep as they were wide.

How about phones? Until eight years ago, with the dawn of the iPhone, smartphones were a rarity. Now we’re looking at new technologies; last year saw the emergence of smart watches and other wearable tech, whilst Google continued its world domination by creating driverless car technology. But what’s next? What do we think 2015 has in store?

Digital Domestic

This isn’t necessarily something brand spanking new, but we think it is something that could possibly grow in popularity as costs drop and a growing knowledge makes DIY digital homes far more feasible.

There are homes that already feature technology that helps you to control the lights and media all from a remote tablet, and with apps from companies like HIVE coming around to help you control your heating remotely, we are seeing a gradual increase in the types of things possible in terms of controlling your home environment.


Over the past couple of years we’ve seen the dawn of wearable technology such as health bands, smart watches, and most controversially, Google Glass.

Google Glass

We don’t expect developments in this area to slow any time soon. Much like VR and smartphones have had small surges without successful breakthroughs, we imagine that wearables aren’t far away from cracking that simplistic element that makes it a technological phenomenon.

Google Glass received a surprising amount of backlash, as the clunky headpiece apparently made people feel uncomfortable. Not to mention the fact that it does make the user look a little silly. Undoubtedly there will be a range of companies hard at work trying to make these pieces of equipment look wearable, because, as cool as everyone thinks sci-fi films are, not everyone wants to look like a cast member.

Cloud Improvements

Whether you like it or not, the Cloud is here, and it’s here to stay. And to be honest, most people are using it, in one manner or another. Now the key for the Cloud is to make it user-friendly, because, despite its huge emergence into IT systems, for businesses and personal use alike, the Cloud is not particularly easy to use or implement.

The Cloud has been accepted as a ‘thing’, but now the challenge is make sure that people understand what it is, and how they can use it to their benefit.

The Start of the End

Tablets are becoming more and more powerful, and this, in our eyes at least, means the death of the laptop (and we’re not the only ones). Who wants to lug around such a heavy piece of equipment when they can have something cheaper, smaller and lighter? Resolution on tablets like the latest iPad makes laptop screens merely a question of size – and do you really need a huge screen when you’re on the move?

The most likely scenario is that the two blend, much like phones and tablets have merged to form the Phablet, will laptops merge with tablets to form, well, ‘laplets’?

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