LightningThere is a bad news for almost everybody: the number of lightning striking the earth on a daily basis.

This is almost a direct effect of the changing climate across the globe due to global warming. And each lightning has a huge amount of electricity stored in it.

Hence, the lightning has every potential to harm the equipment in an industrial facility. In fact, it can render all the equipment useless within a short while. So, it is essential to have a good amount of protection against lightning.

Damages Caused by Lightning

The lightning can either strike close by or right at the spot of the industrial facilities. It can have multiple effects. If the lightning strikes somewhere close to your office, it can cause significant rise in ground potential. In such a case, the ground potential rises due to the high voltage of electricity present in the lightning. And this ground voltage reaches the area of the industrial facility, damaging all the instruments.

But when the thunder strikes an electricity conductor, which is connected to the industrial facility, the high charge is carried to your office. It causes line surge, which can damage the whole facility. The temperature of the connection rises significantly and reaches an extremely high point. Hence, the wires get melted and the whole system gets outages.

But the most devastating damage occurs when the lightning strikes right at the position of the industrial facility. It can damage the equipment present there beyond repair.

The best way to fight this problem is to protect the systems from lightning. But that’s not an easy task.

Lightning Protection Not an Easy Task

A lightning has millions of voltage in it. So, it seems almost impossible that there might be some way to thwart the effects of lightning. But it has been observed that it is not only possible to keep lightning away, but also save all the instruments from its impact. But for that, it is extremely necessary to install the perfect lightning protection system for the industrial area. It will help to ensure that the instruments will remain safe, no matter wherever the lightning strikes.

Necessity to Install the Right Kind of Lightning Protection System

Installing the right lightning protection system plays a major role in helping you keep the damages caused by the lightning away. And once you can do that, you can rest assured that even after the most dangerous thunderstorms, none of your equipment at office will be damaged. In fact, they won’t be a bit harmed by the high voltage of lightning that otherwise might have harmed the instruments of your office. So, it is extremely necessary that you install the right kinds of systems to thwart the dangers of lightning. It is going to come in handy if you are looking to keep your equipment at office in perfect conditions, no matter what happens.

Components of a Lightning Protection System

Lightning protection primarily depends on grounding the charges of the electricity as well as possible. And it is not possible if the system is not up to the mark. You need to ensure that the lightning protection system has all the necessary components in it. For example, some of the most common and necessary components of a lightning protection system include:

  • A lightning rod, which needs to be made of a good conductor of electricity
  • Lightning conductors and accessories
  • Air terminals and accessories
  • Air terminal bases
  • Lightning warning systems
  • Lightning conductr cable connector and clamps
  • Bonding lugs and plates

The presence of all these components make the lightning protection SA system effective and ensures that it is able to keep the lightning away from the industrial facilities. Thus, the lightning protection system plays a major role to keep the whole system running in a proper condition, no matter whether there has been any incident of lightning nearby.