Cloud TelephonyCloud computing was introduced a decade back and the latest technology allowed convergence of data and voice on the same network.

However, cloud telephony hasn’t quite taken off the way the technology enthusiasts expected it to. The biggest problem with the cloud telephony sector is that everyone finds the concept interesting but no one finds it absolutely irresistible. Businesses do not feel that cloud based phone system can actually provide a major boost to their sales efforts or customer experience. Here are 7 ways you can use cloud telephony to become irresistible to customers:

  • Provide seamless communication at any time of the day: As a business owner, you are already aware of the significance of customer communication. You need to leverage the power of cloud telephony and extend seamless communication to your customers. Cloud telephony offers you the unique advantage of not only bringing all your employees on a single unified platform but also extends the communication services to your customers. For instance, cloud telephony facilitates IP-PBX that makes call routing child’s play. Your customers will never really have to wait to get through a call to the concerned department or executive. Customer calls can be handled at any time of the day and from any location around the world by all your executives.
  • Branding unlimited – The implementation of cloud telephony will help you in your company’s branding campaign. Even if you are running a small organization, you will be able to extend the advanced telephony features to both your employees and customers. Internal branding within the organization will get a great boost as the employees will feel a sense of empowerment when they get to use the communication system of the company from a variety of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Even the customers who call up the company would be greeted with professional messages and their calls will never go answered. This will all eventually help you to help you push ahead with the branding campaign of your company.
  • Simplicity – The rise in integrated sales and marketing campaigns and digital marketing need a completely new approach to the customer contact strategy. Customers are often frustrated when they are forced to switch channels because more and more people are using web interfaces and mobile phones to carry out their day to day tasks. Cloud telephony can be easily extended to the customers through customized communication apps where a single touch on the screen can provide instant solutions to their problems. This will definitely make the services or products of your company irresistible to your customers.
  • Cost efficiency – When it comes to cloud computing, the very first point that comes to our mind are the huge cost savings. Now cost savings on the company’s part can easily trickle down to the customers in the form of huge discounts. Thus, you will be better placed while offering the best price for your products or services. Both revenue flow and profits will start to increase once you have started using cloud services for business communication.
  • Immense flexibility – Flexibility is another big advantage of using cloud telephony. You will be able to increase or shrink your communication services based on the growth rate of your company. Thus, you will never be financially burdened and can offer the best to your customers even when the tides are not in your favor.
  • Better focus on the business – The moment you are not managing the communication services, you can focus on core business areas. This will inadvertently help you to create better products and services for your company.
  • Mobility – The markets are being flooded with smartphones and other advanced mobile devices and cloud telephony can be easily extended to these devices which would ultimately lead to more sales and revenue.

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Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.