Outlook Duplicates Remover toolThere is no point of having identical items in the mailbox. Duplicate items in the mailbox are inessential and they make the database files to expand redundantly.

Although, MS Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 provide large storage capacity of PST files, but accumulation of duplicate items in PST files may result in slower email communication. There needs to be a technique which can efficiently manage the duplicates items of Outlook and remove them. Here, we will analyze a tool which proposes a dependable solution to eliminate the duplicate items from Outlook PST files and folders.

The Outlook Duplicates Remover software is available for download from the website of MS Outlook Tools. The freeware version of the utility comes as handy to know its functionality.

Product at a Glance

Outlook Duplicates Remover tool provides an advanced solution to remove the duplicated items which are present in MS-Outlook. The tool seamlessly provides access to PST files, you can choose to add files individually or select a folder from which you want to remove duplicated items. Some of the eminent capabilities brought forward by this utility are listed below:

  • De-duplication of all PST items including emails, contacts, calendars, etc.
  • Removes duplicates from within the folder and across the folders.
  • No limitation of file size and supports both ANSI & UNICODE PST files.
  • Requires the installation of MS-Outlook as the default email client.

Technical Know-How of the Tool

Simply download and install the application. The software has an easy process of installing. On installing, it will prompt you to create a desktop icon. This helps you to access the software easily. On start up, the main window of the application lays down essential pre-requisites for checking the status of Outlook components. The interface provides a generous workspace view at the same time which is feasible enough for a non-technical person to guide through the steps of working. I gave this application a thorough analysis. Here’s what we found considering the technical functionality of the utility.

Essential Pre-requisites

Some of the necessary requirements that the users need to follow prior to running down the application are given below:

  • MS Outlook should be installed and configured properly for a valid Outlook profile or Pop3 dummy profile. However, Outlook should not be configured with the Exchange environment on the system.
  • If the operating system installed on your system is anyone among this: Windows 8.1/8/7 or Vista, then you have to activate the utility in “Run as Administrator” mode.

De-duplication in a Batch Process

The application provides a set of options to the user enabling them to either add their desired PST files selectively or to add a folder of files from which they want to remove duplicate items.

De-duplication in a Batch Process

Option to De-duplicate Items

The application allows you to eliminate the duplicates from a number of PST files in two ways. It removes duplicates within folder and it also de-dupes items across folder.

Option to De-duplicate Items

Displays Attributes of Files

It displays all the attributes related to PST files like File Name, File path, status, items found, and the name of file.

Displays Attributes of Files

Complete De-duplication Report

You can get the complete de-duplication status in a CSV file format which you can refer and know the details of duplicate items removed by the application.

Complete De-duplication Report

Free Trial & Testing

The demo version of Outlook Duplicates Remover is available for testing its functionality. Users can have a quick rundown of the application by downloading and successfully installing the tool on Windows OS. The trial version of the software allows eliminating 15 duplicates from each folder.


  • Intuitive interface, even a non-technical person can follow it easily
  • Removes duplicate items from across the folders and within the folders
  • A summary report to analyze the amount of duplicate items in a PST file


  • It does not support for Outlook 2010 & 2013 64-bit versions.
  • Search option to find duplicates within the folder and across the folders creates a bit of confusion for users in understanding the logic. However, this particular search option is of great help for users.

Disadvantages of Manually Removing the Duplicates

If a user goes for manual removal of duplicates from MS Outlook, definitely the idea adopted, would be to check the preview of mail in pane view and estimate duplicates. However, this does not provide a genuine solution for eliminating duplicates as it may result in deletion of important data (considering that the mails have same content) by analyzing the preview of mail.

Final Verdict

outlook duplicates removerOur rating for the functionality of the tool is 8/10. It comes as a perfect one-stop solution to remove data de-duplication from the PST items of Outlook. Although, there is more you can opt to clear out space and increase your emailing efficiency. It has one of the best interface that I have seen for duplicate finders and removers. This tool does have a preview area where you can see the details related to duplicated items, but also save the final de-duplication report which you can refer later.

The application will not disappoint you when it comes to performance and it won’t be wrong in saying that it’s definitely worth the price. I feel that the Outlook Duplicates Remover does everything, it’s meant to do well; especially keeping in focus the its functionality and the price it is available to users. Have a swift run through the application, so that you can free down essentially some of your Outlook space today itself.