Windows 9Windows Threshold will be the last major update for the operating system that the company will release.

On September 30 at the event, which will be held in San Francisco, Microsoft will officially introduce a new version of the operating system Windows 9.

According to sources, the new OS has received tentative name Threshold, and will be the last major update for the operating system, which will release the company. After that, Microsoft plans to release a small regular updates.

According to sources, on prior demonstration Microsoft will not disclose all function of Windows Threshold and limit the display of only a few changes, which have been made to the update.

The release of Windows Threshold is scheduled for spring of next year, and by the time the operating system, and by the time the operating system is expected to include many new features. Just as Windows 8.1, Threshold will look different for different types of hardware, depending on the profile of the device. At the moment, Microsoft executives considering providing a free version of Windows Threshold for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, as the stimulus to upgrade older operating systems.

Windows 9 Threshold