Overheating laptopOverheating computer may destroy and shorten the hardware`s lifespan of your computer, causing to irreparable damage and potential data lose.

Besides data lose heat pecks away your computer`s internal organ –the CPU, motherboard, and more- significantly shortening its lifespan. Moreover a cooler computer is faster than a hot computer. So preventing your computer from overheating follow these 5 precautions.

1. Keep laptop above form surface contact

Try to use an USB-powered cooling pad. This will not prevent it from getting hot but will help slow down the rate at which it gets hot.  If you do not want to use any cooling fan you can use a technique of taking 4 eraser and putting them in four corners of the laptops so it will above surface. Eraser is better than cap.

USB-powered cooling pad

Laptop cooling pad

2. Keep your laptop`s vents free

Keep your vents free in any way. This is the only way of expelling hot air. Blocking vents means cutting off air supply. Take canned air regularly and try to place can`s straw inside each of the vent hole and give it a quick shot of air for blowing away internal dust that may be preventing the heat sink from doing his job.

3. Never use your laptop on a soft surface

Avoid using your laptop on a soft surface like a bed, blanket etc. Vents can be easily blocked by this. It can trap heat inside without anyone even realizing it. This precaution is same for power adapter.

4. Keep update your laptop`s thermal compound

Thermal compound is used between the CPU and the heatsinks to fill the gap. The gap is created when the heatsinks are machined and leaves little ridges in it. It also helpful for surfaces that are not completely flat. If you cover most of the cover of the CPU, you will get good heat transfer.

Thermal compound

5. Give your laptop a break

When you see that your laptop is getting very hot then try to give it a break. You should save the data, close the program and shut down the laptop. Take special care in high humidity. Higher humidity reduces the effectiveness of cooling and causes excessive heat. When humidity is above 50 and a long time using makes it hot and may cause shut down.


Overheating Laptop entails a lot of negative consequences: from damage individual components to complete computer crash.

Prevention is better than cure. In spite of precautions sometimes damages may occur. No tension at that time. Every disease has cure. When it will occur take laptop repair.