www.ctrls.comCenter of Excellence (CoE) is created in organizations to build capabilities that deliver value for businesses and promotes a culture of knowledge management within the organization.

CoEs are also called centers of expertise depending on the focus and scope of business. The focus areas of CtrlS data centers include enterprise information management, data integration, storage, disaster recovery, information delivery, analytics, certain specific technologies such as SAS, ERP, Oracle, etc., along with specific business functions. In this article, the benefits, roles and responsibilities of CoE established in CtrlS Data Centers is highlighted. This will help us to gain understanding on how CoEs are important for providing value to an organization.

In business circles the term Center of Excellence (CoE) is quite frequently used. A CoE can be considered as a knowledge entity within an organization when special skills are adequately available that delivers maximum value to external customers, stake holders, etc. Developing a CoE shall significantly improve the ability of an organization to completely fulfil or exceed the goals expected from the center. There are many definitions for CoE, in the context of data center services a CoE may be thought as a specialized team that does the following functions:

  • Align stake holders across business units using best practices
  • Promote collaboration with focus on specific service areas
  • Drive IT services for customer value
  • Deliver innovative solutions at the right place and right time every time

An organization can realize successes when governance, guidance, measurements, support structure and shared learning exists across its business units. The primary motivation for an organization in creating a CoE is the need to gain results and maximize value for customers.

CoE in CtrlS is developed to handle specialist services in the areas of Program Management, IT Infrastructure, Security and Network services. So far successes achieved in CtrlS determine specific project goals for the organization and helps to develop long term strategies. A few key aspects related to CoE in CtrlS includes:

Team Work: We believe in team work because no one person can demonstrate all the skills to fill all roles required in an organization. People with multiple skills and dedication are required to deliver results and contribute towards success. Our specialist team is fully dedicated for success in all our areas of specialization that include, cloud services, storage, DR on demand, enterprise email solutions, network operations center or remote infrastructure management. Dedication is the key that lays the foundation for accolades in our CoE.

Collaboration: Sharing of knowledge, expertise, skills and experiences both inside and outside the organization is normally referred to as collaboration. The values of collaboration are ingrained in our CtrlS culture through which we derive value from our center. Working across teams and organizations our business agility is maximized in our CoE.

Best practices: Best practices refer to the methods, tools, approaches and ideas obtained through experimentation and experience. These practices are applied in order to get the most optimal solutions by resolving complex challenges. Best practices in CtrlS have proved to be beneficial across multiple customers, requirements, resolving challenges and projects. Our centers focus on leveraging best practices to offer solutions related to IT infrastructures, network services, remote management, strategy, skills and technology.

Hence a CoE is not just a knowledge pool or a library which stores knowledge. A CoE is justified if it will create and deliver value to exceed the costs of people running the center. At CtrlS centers we have created value for our customers to provide the best in class solutions which led to certain unique innovations in our data centers. Typically our CoE team comprises of highly skilled specialists and subject experts in a variety of technology and business areas.

In CtrlS we demonstrate the following roles and responsibilities in our centers of excellence:

1. Governance: We ensure to invest in projects that provide value and create economies of scale in our service offering for our customers and stake holders. Our governance initiatives also ensures utilization of resources (staff, hardware, software, costs, etc) judiciously.
2. Support: Our centers are available 24x7x365 for resolving queries and managing incidents if any related our services. Support is our core focus area and our team of experts work closely with all our customers to handle any type of request and fully take care of our customers’ needs.
3. Learning and Guidance: Shared learning is encouraged and promoted through skill assessments, formalized roles and team building. Methodologies, standardized templates and knowledge repositories are the approaches followed in guidance.
4. Measurements: CoEs are justified for their demonstration of values generated and results achieved which are measured through standard output metrics.
5. Speciality Skills: CoEs are built using resources and people who work full time or part time. Speciality skills and expertise are developed in our team to handle specific tasks in current priorities to fulfil objectives.
6. Analysts: Strong analytic problem solvers are needed to apply their skills on a variety of situations in a data center to derive the best results. Our analysts include technology experts, engineers, and business analysts along with specialists for process improvements.
7. Leadership and Management: Running a high technology data center requires a leadership vision to prioritize resources at the enterprise level. A high level of strategic thinking and tactical implementation is required that will focus on the expanding use of competencies, explore new opportunities and relationships to realize competitive advantage in this ever changing world. The management at CtrlS works on complex dependencies to arrive at practical solutions in implementing high technology across different industry verticals and add value to their organizations.

At CtrlS value addition is done on priority at every stage that drives our services. Adding value is to define a purpose we bring in a solution or in service delivery. For example, our commitment to challenge conventional business methods through our cloud infrastructure services is driven by our CoE in infrastructure services, big data storage and analytics and cloud models for application implementations across different business enterprises. This demonstrates our competencies in transforming complex workloads as simple but robust solutions. Accountability is an important area inherent in our centers. Accountability is driven by assuring all requests are prioritized and are balanced against our common resource pool for speedy response.

CtrlS data center drives business alignment through collaborative development of plans, business cases and processes by optimizing resources for each type of business requirement. Our center of excellence demonstrates effective decision making to ensure customer satisfaction, minimize total cost of ownership (TCO) and to generate maximum value. Hence it is apparent that CoE established with CtrlS is an integrated team using common processes to provide support for all types of solutions.