OmniJoinNext-Gen Web Conferencing Solution Released: OmniJoinTM From Brother®

The success of virtually any business depends on the efficiency of communication, the speed of making decisions, and timely adaptation to a rapidly changing world.

OmniJoin, a web conferencing solution from Brother, responds to these needs by helping your business maintain effective communication with remote teams, boosting the productivity of your employees, and dramatically enhancing your online meeting experience.

Strong Functionality

The Brother development team effort to deliver an absolutely user-friendly interface doesn’t go unnoticed: a sleek design in conjunction with an intuitive control panel is appealing to users. Brother also offers an unlimited number of meetings and allows up to 30 participants in the same conference. From quick team briefings to large corporate training sessions – OmniJoin conducts its business perfectly in both cases.

The quality of sound and video must be close to perfection to ensure effective communication, and this is where OmniJoin stands out from the crowd. Due to thoroughly optimized, high quality code, freezing and disconnection are non-issues – just choose the necessary audio option (phone/VoIP) and enjoy a smooth and seamless communication experience. OmniJoin offers unsurpassed video quality that surely exceeds any expectations: take advantage of communicating in full HD 1080p to make the most of the conversation.

In addition, the software is compatible with Apple mobile devices, so your employees or colleagues can join the session from anywhere in the world.

One way or the other, even if you are considering a range of solutions, you can sign up for a 14-day no-cost trial and see whether the solution meets your expectations.

OmniJoin Video Only Layout Sample

Robust Features

Apart from next-generation communication, Brother has integrated generous features that address a variety of issues. You can share the screen with conference members to show reports or charts, or share a presentation with everyone before plunging into project details. Plus, the conference can not only be recorded in high quality resolution, but also stored in a cloud service. A rich collaboration feature set including whiteboarding and annotation over live applications tools provides a brilliant opportunity for your team to resolve tough problems in minutes and make quick, informed decisions.

The customer service second to none

OmniJoin is equipped with strong security features – your conferences are protected from unwanted guests. A secure channel, end-to-end data encryption and SSL3/TLS standards guarantee unparalleled safety of confidential information. Furthermore, you can lock any conference via password.


With smart, free of charge support service, a two-week trial period, and incredible functionality capabilities, OmniJoin is a business class conference tool definitely worth giving a try.