Microsoft SharePoint 2013When launching any IT software project you have to plan and manage.

Most people have heard the stories about IT projects going wrong and causing big companies thousands of pounds with nothing to show for it. Well people have learnt a lot over the last 40 years or so and IT solutions generally go in well if you use an established company.

Not sure what SharePoint is? Have a look at this

Ten Top Tips:

Microsoft SharePoint infographic

  1. Take those stubborn customers by the hand and get them engaging with the project. Once you have the most stubborn customers involved the rest will follow like a heard of sheep or at least that is the theory. On a serious note though if you get buy in from the hard to crack people then the rest will be a piece of cake.
  2. Ownership is key. You would not spend £50,000 on a car and not claim ownership so why do people shy away from owning a project worth the same amount. I know it’s not a good comparison but that aside without an owner from the business how can you expect decisions to be made efficiently.  You need a key player that has the power to say yes, no or change that so you can get on and ensure the solution is fit for purpose and delivered when expected.
  3. There are lots of ways to do training but only one that really works, especially with large changes. Make sure it is proactive and involved. If the users are left to “fend for themselves” they will feel left out, abandoned and therefore dislike the solution.  You want to engage with them and show them how to use it, the easy way. And always remember no one will read the manual or user guide you leave for them!
  4. Who is the new SharePoint platform for? The business normally so make sure they are running the show. They are the ones that need to use it and they are the ones that need to mould it so ensure they have power from day one. It is there baby not the IT departments.
  5. Name the beast don’t leave it naked! So many projects get left as “the SharePoint project” or something else. Give it a meaningful name so people see it as what it is and not the technical shell behind the scenes.
  6. When running projects like SharePoint they are an everlasting beast. They evolve with the business and develop as the business does. The only time you will fail on this front is if you expect an end date and for everyone to stop work on it. This will go on forever unless the business gets dissolved!
  7. Be agile don’t be ridged. Many IT companies over the years have proven that being ridged in your approach makes your project fail. Change with the times and go with the flow. Projects can last 12 months so do not expect the outcome to be what you expected at the start as the business will have changed in that time.
  8. Get in quick and manage the expectations of what is being done. If you are delivering a Ferrari then tell people you are, if there is only a Ford Fiesta coming then say so.  The solution is coming as it is needed but do not let people believe they are getting more than is scoped. All that will happen is disappointment and no matter how good the system is they will feel it is poor.
  9. Who is steering this ship as we are going to hit a cliff face! If you do not have the correct group in place then you will miss things, sometimes big things. Upper management will not know how things are done on a day to day basis so they alone cannot make up the whole panel.
  10. Doctor doctor I have overdosed on rules, give me some anti rule juice pronto! Too many rules spoil the flow. If you are hung up on every rule time lines will slip and the big picture will be lost. This project will be on a fully functioning business with multiple objectives and tasks needed done. Move with the business and be reasonable.

Article WritingArticle By Jon. I have a computing degree, experince in software develpment, digital marketing and software testing. I love Microsoft SharePoint 🙂