Xbox2014 will be another exciting year for gaming as lots of exciting titles are awaiting their release dates.

However, the year isn’t confined to the release dates of games. A new lines of “steam machines” are also due for release this 2014, amongst which the steam box will be the most popular. You can consider it as a gaming PC that was designed to be connected to your TV. It will come with a controller like you have never seen before and will utilize a touch pad instead of the usual buttons and analogue sticks. Rumor has it that this will become the standard game pad for PC gaming very soon. What does that mean? – that PC gamers will go face to face against console users.

Xbox vs. PlayStation – a never ending battle

The fight between X-Box and PlayStation rages on for the second year and the battlefield is only getting heated up. PlayStation has already proven that it has superior hardware but will it be able to stay ahead of the competition or will be fall short due to Xbox’s superior exclusives such as Titan Fall and Halo?

It doesn’t take a market analyst to figure out that prices of games are increasing with every day that goes by. This is especially true for popular games like Final Fantasy. You can unlock new cars a lot faster on Forza 5 if you spend real world money on it… as if the initial price wasn’t high enough.

Playstation 4 vs Xbox One

This isn’t the only game that has this option. We’re seeing more and more games popping up which release more content if you pay more money after buying the game. Some games marked as “Limited Edition” cost twice as much as the original game, and they don’t feature as much content as you’re paying for. Other games charge extra money to pre-order it and when you finally get it – you only get a few not-so-special items in the game.

Upcoming video games that are already created a buzz

We won’t see as many blockbuster sequels in 2014 as we did in 2013 but that doesn’t mean whatever is coming out is going to be bad. A few noteworthy games people are hyped about are Titanfall, Watch Dogs and Destiny. Each of these games has a unique set of attractions but of the three Titanfall is the most anticipated game this year.
The Elder Scrolls will release an online game which is also destined to be very popular amongst gamers because of its revolutionary combat system. Although this year is set up to be another awesome year for gaming, we fear some games may not live up to their expectations.

The world is starting to familiarize itself with eSports. League of Legends is a favorite free-to-play game among avid gamers, and last year it attracted enough viewers to fill up an entire football stadium and it didn’t stop there. 32 million people from all corners of the globe tuned in to watch the finals online with a peak of 8.5million viewers watching at once.

When something gets that many viewers it immediately becomes a target for big corporations who are always trying to advertise their product to a big crowd. Both the hosts and the players could earn a lot of money from sponsorships and advertisements from these big companies.

Should we expect 2014 to amaze us with groundbreaking releases, new brands, and ingenious game plots? Definitely; is it safe to say that this year will be better than 2013 – well, not yet. Let’s just wait until September to draw some conclusions.

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