An Android Smartphone is user friendly, attractive and open in nature. A number of manufacturers launch a number of these phones that come in different price brackets.

Few features that you need to consider while purchasing an Android phone are the national or regional carrier, network, design, manufacturer, software and different features of the phone.

Until late, buying an affordable phone meant using an older version, that shall prevent you from using different apps and other features. However, with time, there has been a change in the scenario. Presently Android Smartphone comes with exciting features but at an affordable price. If you are planning to buy a quad core Android handset within your budget, you can go through the features of different phone in this category and decide accordingly.

Grab a Moto G

In the affordable category, the phone that tops the list is Motorola’s Moto G. It is s revolution in the world of Smartphone with competitive prices. Though it may sound incredible, but it is true to the core. A quad core processor, high quality display, all defies the rule of affordable phones available. It has a seamless performance, and there has been a recent upgrade of the operating system of the phone. You have the provision of customizing the exterior of the phone. It has a good battery life and a good phone memory. Shatter resistant glass are used for display and it also has a nano-coating for water resistance.

Moto G

Richard Querrey, chief writer at believes the Moto G is currently the best affordable Android device on the market.

“My pick easily goes to the Moto G because it’s packed full of great features and can be picked up for around £120 in the UK which in unheard of. Quad core processor, amazing screen and Android 4.4 make it a must buy in my opinion if you’re in the marker for a Smartphone on a tight budget. The only negative for me are the lack of expandable storage and the fact we’re heading into the unknown now Lenovo have bought the company.”

Full HD display with Nexus 5

Nexus 5
Nexus 5 of Google is the best that the company has ever produced. The Full HD display and the design resemble that of the tablet recently released by the company. It is user friendly and easy to hold and carry. The phone has a plastic finish. The quad core CPU enables fast function, and it utilizes the latest version of Android KitKat. In UK, the phone comes at a reasonable price that contributes to be a major reason to replace the others in the category. A unique feature of the phone is its ability to recognize the voice and perform functions as directed.

Get the feel of tablet with Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy Note. If you have a passion for large handsets, then this will fulfill your wish. The fake-leather finish of the rear gives an elegant look to the phone and gives a good grip of the phone. It is compatible to 4G network and has a Full HD display. It has an inbuilt camera of 13 megapixels. The phone has three ports that facilitate the transfer of different file formats with various electronic devices. Most importantly the S pen that enable pressure sensitive painting, scribbling notes and recognition of handwriting.

The much sought Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4
Not to forget the Galaxy S4, from the same manufacturer. Since the launch, it is the highest selling one. It has a huge screen of five inches, but it weighs less. The phone uses AMOLED screen with Full HD display with high resolution. Be it running your favorite apps, or other software, the phone is equally fast. The battery life is long, even if you play video for long hours. The zoom of the camera depends on the touchscreen functions. Adjustment of aperture, shutter and zoom can be done through the manual mode.

Sturdy HTC One Smartphone


Not to forget is the HTC One that comes with a gorgeous metallic body and a Full HD display. The phone is fast, owing to its quad core processor. The homescreen always provides users with latest updates, news feed and status updates. The exterior of the phone is elegant and is of carbon skin, which gives a good grip of the phone. It is a strong handset with Gorilla glass that prevents from scratches and other such damages.