Quality Web hostingIf you’re looking for web hosting for the first time, you might be mystified by all the choices available to you. Don’t panic! Things aren’t as complex as they might seem on the surface.

Getting a handle on web hosting is just a matter of knowing your needs going in. If you want to read more about web hosting, click here for the basics, read on.

Choosing platform for web site

If you want to start a website but aren’t sure what you need for a platform, look for web hosting with simple WordPress installation. WordPress originated as a blog framework, but it’s more than functional enough for simple webpages as well. It runs on a variety of templates that allow you to put together a professional-looking webpage in just a few minutes, when you get the hang of assembling it. Looking for easy WordPress installation will let you get your site up and running and spare you needing to learn some of the background mechanics. Instead, you’ll just need to learn WordPress itself, which can be much more user-friendly to newcomers.

Different sites – different storage limits

Be sure you know what kind of storage you’re allowed. Different sites have different storage limits. If you are looking at extensive storage requirements, you may not be able to get along with a basic package. Different hosting services will often offer up-sells for increased storage capacity if you think you’ll need it. However, it’s more likely that you’ll be looking at different bandwidth needs than come stock, if anything. Most web hosting plans boast unlimited data transfer. This doesn’t always mean you’ll be paying a flat fee, however; it’s entirely possible that your transfer will be throttled if it goes too high, or that you’ll be charged for additional bandwidth over a cap. Be sure you know what you’re getting into before you sign up.

Privacy options

Finally, look carefully at your options for privacy and domain names. Hosts usually need your personal information, and the same goes for domain registrars. Privacy options are available to allow you to use a proxy instead of your personal name and address. This can be a very good option for individuals that like their privacy, but sometimes this isn’t available if you get your hosting and domain at the same time. Be sure you know what’s available, and make sure privacy screening will be an option if you are going with a combined domain and hosting package.