computers virusMain Reasons For Computers Effecting with Viruses – you can be found in this article by Maria Mcquire.

While most businesses have taken to the advent of Information Technology in a fairly positive manner, not many of these first time ICT users are prepared for the consequences and hard work that follows the installation of computer hardware, network devices and phone systems; because not even with today’s rapid advancement in technology is this new generation of computer users any more comprehensively prepared to contend with viruses.

  • What is a computer virus?

This is basically a computer program, one that has been designed to disrupt the ordinary operations of a computer, causing considerable destruction in some cases once an infected file, copied onto the disk of a computer, is activated.

  • Activating a computer virus-

Once an infected file has been stored within the memory of a computer, it might prove itself to be pretty benign, that is until it is activated, prompted to execute whatever actions it was designed to carry out. Different viruses have different activation mechanisms which are usually based on some sort of condition being met; for instance a number of viruses attached to applications will be programmed to activate on a specific date, hence structured to check the system date periodically until the required time comes to pass.

As destructive as viruses are, it is difficult to understand why anyone would indulge in there creation, reasons including the following:
  • Remotely access- this is the most common purpose driving virus creation; by creating small inconspicuous programs, usually Trojans, that unsuspecting computer users might download into their systems unknowingly, a virus creator may more easily make use of these specially designed software to overcome firewalls and take control of a computer system remotely, at which point one can only imagine the destruction such nefarious individuals can wreak on the web.
  • Money- what else would drive one to inject the time required to create viruses, most such programs masquerading as virus removal tools that, once installed and having convinced you that your computer is under attack from a barrage of viruses, can more easily wheedle you into paying money to acquire the full applications.
  • Information theft- the only reason hacking has gained such popularity in recent times is how effective it has proven in acquiring sensitive information from unsuspecting internet users. Be it Passwords, emails, personal data, viral infections account for quite a considerable loss in the business world.
  • -While there are indeed those virus creators that only seek to cause destruction, cripple networks and so on, a few generate viral programs with the aim of making a point or proving the weakness of a given system.
Viruses are not only destructive but easy to contract as well, through methods such as the following:

Email attachments- opening unknown email attachments- and even attachments from known contacts aren’t as safe as one might think- without executing virus scans is a pretty easy way of attracting viral infections.
Software- there is a considerable threat elicited by those that download software from illegitimate and unreliable sources; as convenient as a download, even a free one, might be from the internet it’s a rich source of viruses and malware.

  • Using a computer without a trusted and effective anti-virus and anti-spyware software, one that can efficiently scan your system and incoming files for infections is pretty dangerous.
  • Anti-virus and spyware software is all but useless if you do not update it; systems with outdated spyware are as good as infected, especially as they pull computer owners into a false sense of security, sure that they are protected when they are not.
  • Really, the process of accepting files, data of any kind from anyone or from the internet without first determining what it is, authenticating the source, is simply asking for viruses to invade.

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