amazing marketing strategyIn this article we focus on the analysis of Internet Marketing Predictions In 2014.

There is no doubt that the Internet has dramatically and tremendously affected marketing strategies.

Now we are in the year 2014, it is very fitting to know some Internet marketing predictions that will dominate this coming 12 months. Looking back in 2013, we have seen how Internet marketing has shifted from outbound tactics to inbound tactics. Those websites that kept up with the trend has made more income compared to those who remained stagnant and resistant to change.

For a company to continue growing, it is imperative to dance along with the music of Internet trends in 2014. A failure to do so will result to growth retardation and even loss of income. For this reason, companies and professionals alike must know the following Internet marketing predictions that will dominate 2014.

1. Content marketing still stand on top

The main blood stream of your website is the content. If you don’t have content, then your website will fall apart. Content marketing is truly an amazing marketing strategy because it can improve your website’s value and increases your page rank.

We have seen the increasing emphasis on content in 2013 and it will continue for a very long time. Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, three of the top search engines today, are always into content when it comes to ranking. Whatever updates these big three may have in their minds, the content of a website will remain at the forefront of their algorithm.

2. Increasing available services

It is interesting to note how big companies are now expanding their market by creating new products and services. In addition to this, some big companies are now acquiring smaller companies to expand their reach and market. This trend is very evident with Google.

They want to be everything to everyone – a highly ambitious endeavor that will rock the Internet world.

As you can see, Google has more than one product at their disposal. They have Google maps, YouTube, Google+, Android, Nexus smartphones, Nexus tablets, search engine, Google Music, Google Web Design, Gmail, Analytics, and much more. Because of the growing reach of Google, they have become a successful company.

Thus, other companies felt threatened and are following the strategy of Google. For example, we have seen Facebook buying Instagram or Apple buying Topsy. In 2014, we can predict that other online companies will buy smaller companies or they would build their own brand new product to stay afloat in the competition.

3. Division among social media

We all know that Facebook is now the king of all social networking sites. However, we have seen in the previous year how other social networking sites are challenging the supremacy of Facebook. Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Tumblr, and many others will make it difficult for Facebook to monopolize the market. In 2014, we will see a divided people who will try other social networking platforms aside from Facebook.


If you are a company or professional, you must be aware of the predicted trends that will come upon Internet marketing in 2014. Knowing these trends will help you to do the necessary adjustment and planning for an effective Internet marketing strategy.