Playstation 4As yet another generation of consoles emerge in the gaming world, the Playstation 4 once again seems set to lead!

All gamers know that the best time of year is coming, when the gaming giants Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft unleash their latest offerings to the gaming community, often to rapture and applause.

It’s been a tradition for some years now that Sony’s offering, the ‘Playstation’, leads its competitors in terms of pure processing power.

This year a number of other impressive advantages are set to lead the sales of Sony’s dream machine. From its system specification to its appearance, ergonomics and noise emissions, the Playstation 4 is shaping up to dominate its competition on release. Read on to find out how!

Dual Shock 4 Controller

The great thing about the Dual Shock 4 Controller is that it has an elongated, slender design and is light to hold. The rumble experience trademarked by Sony is back with a vengeance, so you’ll feel immersed with every bullet fired, punch thrown or ball hit on your PS4. What’s new and particularly impressive about the Dual Shock 4 is that it has a touch screen, which enables easier interaction with the console and what’s happening on your television screen. Did we mention that it also has 3D tracking and the ability to sense the depth of the environment in your game? Yeah, this is one hard-core controller.

Processing Grunt

As has always been the case with every Playstation offering, the biggest edge Sony has over its competitors is the processing power its devices hold. In the case of the PS4, you’re looking at 8 CPU cores and two Terraflops of Graphics Processing Unit power. The graphics memory of the PS4 rivals that of gaming PCs on the market today, and it’s expected to show markedly in the games that come out with the PS4 release. Essentially, what we know is that the team at Sony have laboured to make the PS4 easily competitive with high performance computers on offer right now, and that in creating the processing power of the Playstation they wanted to emulate the often superior graphics and processing power of a computer. So, with that in mind, expect the highest quality speed and definition in games to come out on this console.

Playstation 4 Games

Fast Game Management System

Carrying on the tradition begun by the last generation of consoles, it looks like the PS4 will be able to bring quick, effective and user-friendly layouts of game and music libraries, Internet connectivity options and other game-related side-tasks. You will also be able to suspend and resume play at different points in a game very rapidly, so the days of waiting for things to load seem to be gone.  So get ready for a very fast, very convenient and very social-network oriented compliment to any gaming you want to do!

Intelligent System

Based on what you access online and on the things you like looking at or visiting, the PS4 system will work to optimize your search results and bring you information that it thinks is of interest to you. Similar to Google Plus, Facebook and other systems that create a profile for you based on your activities, your PS4 will endeavour to cut out any and all of the unnecessary stuff and show you only what you’re interested in.

All up the PS4 is looking like a pretty impressive piece of machinery, and with updates and patches for things always a certainty, it’s likely to soar above its already very lofty perch as time goes on. If you get a PS4 when it comes out you can enjoy the absolute best in next generation gaming technology.

Sony PlayStation 4 Video Review

Article WritingMichael Richards is a Media student who loves his games. This coming year he is planning on getting a loan from Flexirent so that he can set aside his very own PS4 for the new gaming season!