Right SEO StrategiesHello dear readers, today we will continue with our topic about Search Engine Optimization and its role for a business website or a blog.

In this article by Henry H. Hernandez, you learn what kind of SEO will work best for your site and learn what to avoid.  (Our other articles on the topic of search engine optimization you can find here.)

If you own a business website or have a blog then you should be actively doing SEO to get traffic to your site. And not just traffic, but the “right” traffic.

So which SEO techniques and tactics should you be applying to your website? If you already are doing SEO for your site then is it working? Perhaps you are doing SEO for your site but it’s not working. SEO or, Search Engine Optimization, isn’t a onetime thing, it is always evolving and changing and so should your SEO strategies.

Don’t waste any more time on SEO that isn’t getting results. If something does not work then why continue doing it? Here are some things to consider for choosing the right SEO plan for you.


Hands down the number one, most important aspect of SEO is keywords. Keywords are the words that will lead people to your site when they type it into a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. So you should choose which keywords you want to get ranked for in the search engines and optimize your site accordingly.


Local Listings

If you are a brick and mortar type business where you have customers coming to you then you should focus on local listings. Register with Google places to have your business’s address and contact information listed. It’s quick, easy and free to do this and it gives you credibility in Google’s eyes.


Like local listings, if you have a business where people come to you or you offer a service then you should focus on directories like Yellow Pages. Web directories are what phone books were years ago. You can have your business listed there with a description of what and who you are along with your contact information. Often times in directories there is even a place for users to rate your business.

Yellow Pages

Review Websites

Review websites are great because they allow users to rate anything from services to products to actual websites. My advice is to list your business in a review website and let your customers know you are listed there and ask them to rate you.

There is a lot more to consider when choosing an SEO plan for yourself but this is a good place to start. Remember links are important, but you have to make sure that they are quality links. It use to work to just have a lot of links but Google doesn’t like that anymore, so make sure you are purposeful and strategic with the links you get. You could end up getting your site penalized if you try to do the shady stuff.

A good SEO campaign should really be taken on by someone who has experience in the field, but be weary when choosing a person or company to do your SEO. A lot of companies will ask for $200 with results in a month’s time. That sounds like a really good deal, but remember you pay for what you get. No person or company can get results in that short amount of time with that amount of time apart from doing “black hat” SEO that will get your site penalized. Quality SEO takes time and money but it is an investment for someone with a business.

Henry H. HernandezBy Henry H. Hernandez

Henry Hernandez is a veteran, entrepreneur and family man. Henry, originally from Los Angeles, CA, now lives in Giddings TX where he is CEO of an SEO company www.texaseo.com. Henry is on Google+.