TV 2014Fourteen top manufacturers of LCD TV screens expect to increase the products’ shippings next year, despite the fact that half of them have experienced decreasing in volumes of shippings in 2013.

TV manufacturers from South Korea, Japan and China plan to produce about 236 million of LCD TV screens in 2014, it means that an increase will be 13.4% more comparing to the estimated volume of shippings in 2013, analysts in IHS think that overall shipping in 2013 was 208.1 million units.

Experts believe that the goal is too optimistic, especially comparing with the previous year. If IHS estimates were correct, the shippings of LCD TV screens during last year was decreased by approximately 0.9% compared to 2012, when 209.8 million units were produced.

Experts predict that after publishing the actual shippings in 2013 the results will be lower than in 2012 in seven of the fourteen largest TV manufacturers. They are Japanese TV manufacturers Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba and Sharp, who are expected a decline of 15%, 18%, 17% and 7% respectively. However, it did not prevent them to set ambitious targets for the present year: Panasonic and Toshiba plan to increase products’ shipments by 14-18%, Sharp and Sony by 3-6%.

Having considered the four Japanese manufacturers as a single subgroup, analysts estimate that in 2013 all of them together produced 14% less TV screen than in 2012, but expect to increase shipments by 9% in 2014.

Among manufacturers, whose results have deteriorated in the last year, experts also called Chinese brands Haier and Changhong. Although these companies shipped by 7% and 4% less TV respectively, next year they expect a 20% growth in shipments.

samsung ultra hd tv 105 inch

As for leaders of the global TV market – Samsung and LG – they topped the list of those who succeed. According to IHS, in 2013, South Korean companies shipped 71.1 million LCD TV screens it is 6% more compare to a last year overall shipping of 67 million units.

LG 105 and 98 inch Ultra HD-TV

Samsung produced about 42.6 million TV sets (+6% to 2012) last year, and this year the corporation intends to increase the shipping by 10%. LG finished the year with a total amount of 28.5 million LCD TV (+7% to 2012). LG is planning to increase the shipping by 14% next year. Analysts believe that in 2014, these companies will continue to show better results and will control from 35% to 39% of the TV market.

In addition to manufacturers from South Korea the Chinese company TCL, Hisense, Skyworth and Konka could managed to increase shipping in 2013 from 3% to 10%, and the only manufacturer from USA Vizio has + 14% to 2012.