jQuery LogoIn this article you learn about the different ways in which jQuery helps you in implementing web designing aspects.

jQuery can be referred to as a concise and fast JavaScript Library that can be used for the purpose of simplifying animating, HTML document traversing and Ajax interactions that have altered the face of website designing.

Indeed, jQuery has proved to be the real way that will help you in being able to write JavaScript. One of the ways in which JQuery proves to be a better alternative as compared to the other JavaScript libraries is that the visibility of the website does not get faded by any manner.

Some of the benefits of using jQuery from a web design point of view can be listed as below:

  • Search Engine Friendly: Everything that is featured along with jQuery remains featured as text. Thus, all the keyword rich content is exposed.
  • Plug-ins: There are many plugins that are used by designers of a reputed web design company, in order, to be able to create simple and fast effects. A few among the many plugins that can facilitate your web design project include:

1. jqFancyTransitions: This is an easy to use JQuery plugin that can be used for the purpose of displaying photos as slideshow. This type of plugin holds compatibility with browsers such as; Firefox2+, Safari 2+, Opera 9+ and Google Chrome 3+.

2. SpriteSpin: With the help of such a plugin, it will be possible for designers to provide a play sprite imagine alike animation.

3. TiltShift.js: As a designer, using this type of plugin that makes use of the CSS3 image filters will help you in being able to replicate the tilt-shift effect.

4. JResponsive: The reason behind making available such a website design plugin is to be able to organize your content in a responsive, efficient and dynamic layout. Since you can apply the same on a container element that it can arrange the children in a layout, minimum amount of screen space is consumed. The same is ensured by means of tight “packing”.

  • Mobile Devices: Any type of mobile device whose web browser offers support to JavaScript supports JQuery, as well. There are many iPhones and iPads that do not offer support to Flash.
  • Help: As a web designer of a reputed web design company, you will not face any issues while using the technology. This is due to the fact that there are many helpful communities that are offering you with the many needed assistances.

jQuery Helps

jQuery(el, …) Takes Attributes Directly

With the new JQuery 1.4 version, it will be possible for you to assign attributes directly through jQuery(…). The second parameter that the function takes ensures simplicity of the code and everything can be performed in one single step. Apart from being able to set attributes, it is possible to use things such as ‘click’ and ‘css’ without the need to chain methods during the later stages. Thus, code complexity is minimized; whereas, ensuring that performance/feature richness is not sacrificed to the least.

Boost Event Management

The advent of the new 1.4 JQuery version will offer you with the facility of binding multiple events to their own function. A new “proxy” method is offered by the jQuery 1.4 version. In this method, a function is taken, and a new function is returned that has a particular scope. With the help of the jQuery.proxy(), it will be possible to manage scope. Also, jQuery offers support to live delegation for “submit”, “blur”, “focus” and “change”.

Add A Delay Time In Animation

As a professional website designer of a web design company, you would love to add delay in your animation. JQuery enjoys the feature of letting you add delay between every animation. Note that there remains no hassle involved with callbacks and timeouts.

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Maria Daniel has been associated with a web design company for many years. She is a professional designer and loves to stay abreast about the latest changes pertaining to the field pertaining to website designing.