DDoS attackIt is no secret that DDoS attacks are responsible for the vast majority of website failures, security breaches, and shutdowns.

Nearly every website today is protected from such attacks by means of a DDoS mitigation system which can identify a threat to your website and neutralize it before a full-blown attack can occur.

A typical DDoS mitigation system works by automatically distilling, analyzing, and comparing millions of streaming data points against standard DDoS attack metrics.

When a matching data pattern is found, it is usually indicative of an imminent attack and the mitigation system then works to stop it. However, due to the fact that a mitigation system is automated, it is prone to generating false positives and can even miss a DDoS attack altogether. Prolexic is different because it adds a missing ingredient – the human factor.

The unique DDoS mitigation system from Prolexic gives your site extra protection by adding one more level of analysis to the mix, ensuring that no attack ever goes undetected. It is a level of protection that is truly unprecedented in the world of DDoS mitigation.

DDoS mitigation system infographic

This Infographic Created by the team of Prolexic Technologies.