Interior DesignWere you thinking of reorganizing your home and somehow ended up with a full renovation project?

Unfortunately, painting the walls or moving the furniture around can be very taxing and requires too much effort. Thankfully, there are ways to help you design your home interiors without exerting too much effort.

You can consider experimenting with the available interior design apps available in the market before doing any heavy lifting. Just when you thought that your smartphone and handheld tablet can’t help you with your interior design project, think again. You can now use these gadgets to help you redesign and recreate your home interiors with the help of these apps.

  • ColorSmart: This is a free application which can be used for both iOS and Android smartphones and handheld tablets. If you are using Behr paint for your home interior, this application will be very helpful. It also allows you to upload a photo and the ColorSmart app will create a color scheme based on the image you uploaded. In addition, you can also apply colors to a room by simply uploading the photo of the room you wish to paint. This feature will help ensure that the color scheme will match your decor.
  • Home Interior Ideas HD: This app is a very innovative interior design app that won the “Top Paid iPad App of the Year” back in 2010. This app features 6 categories: living room, kitchen and dining room, bathroom, bedroom, and pool or outdoor. It allows you to customize your home using the different interior design ideas. It also lists a few home improvement tips. In addition, all of the features are in high definition which means that the graphics are excellent. You can also use this app to properly communicate with your interior designer what you wish to do with a particular room. Click here to find an experienced and skilled interior designer for your home renovation project.
  • Mark On Call: This app was developed by M.O.C Interior Design. Mark On Call can design rooms using the room’s actual size and layout. It even allows you to add floors, re-arrange the furniture, and so on without doing any heavy lifting. It allows you t design the interiors and plan the space. You can even add custom skin furniture or countertops to know how it will look in your home. You can also share your work with other people, such as your interior designer, home builder, or with your family and friends. Some interior designers even use this app; thus, it has been called “assistant in your pocket” by several top design magazines. This application is available for iOS users.
  • Interior Design Photo Library: This application was developed by NEC Biglobe. It features thousands of home galleries in North America. This allows you to look through the different interior design ideas. This app also allows you to see how the furniture piece will look in your current interior design. You can also use existing pieces of furniture. This app is available for iOS users.
  • AutoCAD WS: This is a very helpful application not only for homeowners, but for professional interior designers as well. It provides you with the ability to design and draw. You are also able to try your own design. It is a free, easy-to-use drafting and drawing smartphone app. In addition, you can easily export drawings and designs through its integration with Evernote.
  • Evernote: This is recommended for professional interior designers who have binders and binders of design ideas. They can condense you portfolio and design ideas in your smartphone. In addition, this application has a camera feature which allows you to take photos of room designs, furniture, fabrics, and so on. This application is the perfect way to stay organized during the home renovation and interior design process. This app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows users.

Interior Design Apps

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