Sip TrunkingSession Initiation Protocol or SIP for short, is apparently everywhere in the domain of communications circle in the current era.

One might have heard a lot about Voice over IP or IP telephony. The industry is warbling over this technological advancement. But most of the industrial set ups are unaware of the real advantage of VoIP and more extensively, real time IP communications.

VoIP when integrated with a fundamental yet dynamic protocol, known as SIP, attains the capability to transform the regular business communications set up into an intuitive communications system.

SIP Trunking is a combination of two words “SIP” and “Trunk”. SIP is a protocol norm for initiating; conducting and concluding real time communications over extensive IP based networks. Trunking is a technique that provides network accessibility to a number of users by distributing among them a range of frequency instead of allotting them individually. Therefore, SIP Trunking is a technology of linked communications by utilizing the benefits of internet.

SIP Trunking has surpassed the traditional telephony by easing any type of inter and intra organization communications bout, including voice and video conferencing, instant messaging, collaboration, video gaming, etc.

SIP Trunk is being incorporated into various IP communications artifacts, including:

  • Phones, routers, proxy servers
  • Video calling systems
  • Conferencing systems
  • PBX systems
  • Instant messaging
  •  Soft phones

IP telephony

SIP Trunking is one panacea that helps business achieve the following objectives:

  •  Existence: It permits your employees and customers to communicate in a more organized and coherent way.
  • Numerous forms of capabilities: Trunking provides an enriched communications experience and entitles your business to better satisfy your customers.
  • Customer centricity: SIP Trunking relinquishes more flexibility and wide range of options to the customers. At the same time, SIP improvises the control of technology and greatly unravels the management of communication devices.
  • Simple framework: SIP reduces the cost being incurred in the business due to the existing telephonic framework. It also installs new applications and solutions swiftly and develops interoperatibility.

How does SIP Trunking work?

SIP Trunking is an immensely available technology. This technique exploits the SIP communication method to provide local and long distance communication services to the business phones through the internet. Unlike the traditional phones, calls through SIP Trunks deploy the IP network and in return are sent to PSTN through internet connections.

SIP Trunking diagram

Unlike traditional phone systems, SIP Trunking does not involve phone lines. Alternatively, the data and voice are integrated over a single circuit.

  • The data network is connected to the IP PBX. The incoming and outgoing telephone traffic deploys the broadband network incorporated in the office to connect to the internet. Besides this, an Integrated Access Device may also be used to have an access to the PBX through analog lines or through the Primary Rate Interface.
  • Media gateway transfers the calls placed over the internet to the network of the service provider. Ultimately, the service provider transfers the calls to its concerned destiny.

SIP Trunking is a relatively simple and sincere technology which has the power to enable the industries to regain their capital quickly. All that an industry needs for this innovative technology is an experienced and trustworthy service provider and the counseling from a learned IT professional.

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