internet marketing strategiesIn this article, I explain how the web can be used as a creative tool and not just something that gives you access to cat videos.

The web is useful for many amazing things, but perhaps you didn’t realise how powerful it could be as a tool for creation.

Many of us tend to think of the web as something to be consumed – full of content that you can read, watch or listen to; but in fact it is also full of tools that enable us to create incredible things both online and in the real world.

Here are some examples of the amazing things you can create thanks to the web that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Ornaments and 3D Objects

3D printing is a phenomenon that is sweeping the web and rapidly becoming more mainstream. Essentially it describes the creation of 3D objects from a range of materials using printers that read online CAD files in order to understand the dimensions and specifications.

In other words, if you have a 3D printer or access to a site like Shapeways that lets you use them, then all you need is a 3D model built with Blender or CAD and you’re ready to make that object real. Learn basic 3D modelling skills on YouTube and you can create anything you can imagine from ornaments, to crockery, to toys to gadgets.

3D Objects


In the world of publishing, self-publishing once had a bit of a bad name. This used to mean ‘vanity publishing’ which was essentially paying thousands of dollars to have hundreds of copies of your book made only to be stuck with them sitting around in your garage not making any money.

But that has all changed. Today self-publishing often means using POD or ‘Print On Demand‘ to create multiple copies of a book on demand. In other words, these books are printed out once again from a simple file meaning that copies can be made on an as-needed basis rather than requiring you to order thousands. You do all the design and editing yourself too, so all you’re left to pay for is the cost of printing them. If you only order one copy and none sell then you’ve only lost about $3…



If you have a website, a dance troupe or a group of friends with a cool gang name, then you might be interested in creating your own branded clothing. Alternatively, if you just want to wear something unique, or create a completely individual gift, then this is also a good option.

Using the net it’s very easy to create branded clothing, simply by selecting the clothes item you want to order and then uploading an image file that you want to go on it. This way you can create the perfect set of t-shirts for a stag night, or a brilliant statement that promotes your website.



Creating digital products can also be incredibly satisfying, as is certainly the case with mobile apps. This way you can create something to fill a need you have on a regular basis or solve a common problem and potentially have it downloaded by thousands. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to program – there are plenty of software tools out there that solve that problem for you and make the process easy and you can even make apps using HTML.


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