Internet Online RadioIn this article, I have listed some wonderful internet radio apps that can help you access your favorite music easily.

The radio is a great way to catch up on recent events or listen to our favorite tunes while out and about, but many people think radio is just something to be used for the commute.

The reality is that recent technological advancements have made radio possible to enjoy from just about anywhere. In the past, those who wanted to listen to radio had to carry around expensive and usually large devices in order to catch the radio signals bouncing all around us. This is no longer the case, particularly when it comes to internet radio.

Most mobile devices are now capable of using this technology, thanks in large part to mobile applications. If you want to enjoy all radio has to offer without the logistical nightmares of carrying around extra tech, then continue reading to find out about three Android applications that can be of service.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn RadioEven just a few years ago, the notion of radio was one that was confined to simple FM/AM adjustments via the use of an analog device. As our mobile tech continues to evolve, the power behind it has allowed for full-featured video and audio capabilities. The TuneIn Radio app is just one example of this, and is now available via Google Play for Android users. This free app features a beautiful interface that allows users quick and easy access to all of their favorite on-the-air programming. You can quickly peruse various categories such as weather, sports, talk radio or simply find a radio station that shares your tastes in music. When you have found several stations that you enjoy, you can create custom play-lists so that you can find these stations with a moment’s notice. All you need to do is create an account (free and takes only a minute) to begin enjoying all that TuneIn Radio has to offer.

Internet Radio

Internet RadioAnother great utility for those with Android devices is the Internet Radio app, which is available for free via Google Play. Users of Internet Radio can access more than one thousand different radio stations in countries all across the world – Canada, Argentina, China, Russia and France, just to name a few. Unlike some other mobile radio apps, Internet Radio connects you to existing radio stations (not internet-derived ones), so you will be able to enjoy programming from entities such as CBC, BBC and more. Virtually every music genre is covered with this app, and intuitive features allow users to create customized radio lists so that their favorite stations can be accessed in no time at all.

iHeart Radio

iHeart RadioLast but not least, iHeart Radio is another great solution for those who want to enjoy streaming radio from anywhere in the world. Available for free, Android users can take advantage of the thousands of different radio stations in the app to find the music and topics they enjoy the most. In addition to being able to access traditional radio stations from all across the globe, users can also create their own custom radio stations by specifying which songs and radio stations they enjoy. With nearly a half million songs available on iHeart Radio, you are sure to find something to your liking as you go about your day.

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