call centreOutbound diallers are here to stay, they are a huge part of outbound sales strategy and also modern call centre operations.

Love it or hate it, outbound dialler software is here to stay. It offers strategic benefits to businesses by allowing them to make each moment of an outward bound sales campaign more productive, offering an almost immediate boost to business.

However, the one size fits all approach doesn’t work for everyone. Today’s savvy customers have come to expect a more sophisticated tap on the shoulder and companies that fail to plan their outbound strategy to take into account factors such as business hours, trips abroad and so on, risk alienating the very people they are seeking to win over.

Customer engagement

Aggressive ‘in your face’ sales tactics have given way to a far friendlier and more polite approach where instead of being seen as targets, companies look to engage customers by finding ways in which they can facilitate the sales process at a time and using a method that is of most benefit to consumers.

Being mindful of the needs of customers and then developing a strategy which makes use of this, is far more likely to yield a successful result than the bulk ‘anytime’ calling and messaging approach. In this way less is more and, as technologies continue to evolve and converge, the possibilities of combing the reach of outbound dialler software with intelligence gathered from social media, give call centres the ability launch a powerfully targeted campaign with massively increased chances of success and customer satisfaction.

Is all publicity, good publicity?

Personally I think the answer to that question is no and mobile screening is another method that reduces the strain on resources whilst benefiting customers and giving a more professional tone to campaigns.

Mobile screening allows companies to remove numbers from lists that are switched off, or connected to overseas roaming, thus saving customers the inconvenience and cost associated by answering their phone or retrieving messages whilst abroad.

After all as a potential consumer is there anything more off putting than an unsolicited call, during a holiday or overseas business trip that has actually cost you money to receive? I think not.

Mobile screening means that so called ‘bad’ or short term off limit numbers have the potential to be filtered out thus reducing costs and allowing campaigns to be more efficiently directed towards productive numbers. A user interface or dashboard that can allow you to check numbers and reschedule calls for some point in the future ensures that precious numbers are not weeded out of the system unnecessarily and are merely placed on hold for a period, until their owners are back in the UK.

Screening numbers without actually having to call them has the added benefit of complying with OFCOM and FCC regulations in addition to avoiding unnecessary damage to customer relationships and the associated negative word of mouth, which now has more potential than ever to go viral on the likes of facebook and twitter.

Of course outbound dialler software is only really as good as the campaign that sits behind it. By becoming more customer centric, respectful even, and embracing customer friendly technologies, businesses can be assured that their target customers are being courted rather than harangued and so can look forward to a healthy return on their investment.