email managementHave you ever been at work and spent hours searching for an email?

You’re sure you have seen it and even more sure it contained important information about a big deal. Then it dawns in you.

You might have deleted it the other day when you cleaned out your inbox to make way for more emails.

If it has happened to you then you won’t be alone.

According to research, around a third of us say that we spend up to two hours a day looking for emails and nearly 90% of us have deleted important emails by accident. And the cause of all these problems? Old fashioned email systems not doing their job properly. If you added up just the amount of time people spend looking for emails then you have already spent tens of millions of pounds on employees doing nothing productive. Just think what else could have been achieved in that time.

So, what is the solution? Essentially, IT departments need to up their game and invest a little time and effort bringing their email management systems up to date. The current systems in many companies simply can’t cope with the volume of emails we’re generating just doing normal business.

Instead, a lot of the focus is on restricting staff’s access to personal emails, with bosses obsessed with employees using work time to take care of personal correspondence. The reality of course is that they are spending far more time navigating creaking email systems and searching through threads trying to find that rogue email that’s crucial to operations. And this is added to the news that 96% or people asked in a survey said this was putting the company at some kind of legal risk, as they were unable to find emails that contained important contractual information and the like.

The worse news for many firms is that email traffic is set to increase in the coming years. As business gets increasingly global, remote working more common and communication more integrated, email management systems will be expected to handle far larger volumes of traffic. And what are our bosses doing about this? Tightening restrictions to personal emails. Talk about focusing on the wrong problem.

Yet the technology exists already to sort the problem. Email management systems like Oasys Mail Manager simply plugs in to Outlook and lets you manage your email effectively, even in huge volumes. It ensures that all emails are stored on a secure in house network where anyone with the right access can retrieve it. So, no more scouring threads and endless, helpless cries of ‘I know it was here somewhere’.

It’s time to stop living in the past and embrace the future. The economy needs all the help it can get if these green shoots are to flourish. Email management is the sunlight that can make it grow.

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