Local SEOLocal SEO is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy and it is important to learn the right way to use it.

Unfortunately there are a lot of businesses out there that are doing local SEO in all the wrong ways and this can really hinder their performance.

In order for you to avoid making the same mistakes here are some of the worst local SEO practices.

Duplicated Content

When you are using SEO the focus should always be on providing quality content throughout your website and social media.

The biggest mistake you can make is to have duplicated content on your website because this doesn’t double your chances of ranking higher but instead it can actually rank you a lot lower.

So make sure that you regularly check your content on all pages to see that there aren’t any duplicates. Also make sure you use original content throughout and don’t ever copy paste content from other sites.

Bad Link Building

You should also try to avoid bad link building on your website. Overusing links on your website is going to get you penalised and Google itself recommends keeping links on your website under 100.

Again make sure that the links are of good quality and they add something relevant to your website. They should not just be added in order to try to rank higher. Organic and natural links work better than having lots of links just for the sake of having them.

Getting linked is really important as well. But instead of buying links from some dodgy sites it is a much better idea to get linked by local companies. For example, you can write a piece in a local newspaper and their online version.

Neglecting Customer Discussion

Many businesses are also really bad in allowing their customers to discuss their content and share it with other people. This is one of the key ways to put your business on the map and have new potential customers find you.

It is essential that you include share options for social media and that you encourage customers to talk about your website content. Having this sort of discussion on your website can further improve your rank especially when it comes to local searches.

Forgetting To Optimise Local Listings

Listings and directories are an essential part of a successful SEO and if you forget to optimise these you are going to rank a lot lower in the rankings. With simple things like using Google Maps for local SEO you are going to be able to improve your search engine ranking and receive much more relevant traffic to your website.

So make sure that you sign up with the most important listings from Google and Yahoo. A Marketing Expert also points out that you should look into any of the local listings in your field to see if you can use them to your advantage.

The above points illustrate some of the worst things that your business can do in terms of local SEO. If you manage to stay away from the above-mentioned mistakes then you are on the right path for improving your search engine ranking.

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