Rise of PrometheusLooking to bring in the new year with some fun? Watch out for these games that will be released in early 2014.

2013 is ending with a bang in the console market, but the mobile developers are far from left behind.

2014 is already looking like a great time to be a mobile gamer; the technology is always improving, the software is gaining ever-greater attention and the games are getting better all the time.

Here are a handful of great games you can look forward to in the early months of 2014.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

A new IP and a new release from Vivid games, Godfire is a retelling of the story of Prometheus — in the same way that God of War is a retelling of Greek mythology.

Prometheus steals fire from the gods, which are depicted as massive vaguely mechanical monstrosities. They fight to recover it before he escapes to the human world. Prometheus even loses the mystical spark and must fight through the moral realm to recover it.

Gameplay is reminiscent of God of War as well, complete with the two large knives as weapons. Not much else is known for a game with such a close release date, but the game is looking like a lot of fun.

Fates Forever

Riot Games held the world championships for League of Legends recently, offering millions in prize money, a globally televised stadium gaming experience, and much more. At the core of it all is the game itself, a player versus player battle arena.

These MOBA games, like League and its competitor Dota, are hugely popular — and Fates Forever promises to bring the same experience to a mobile platform exclusively.

Hardware limitations set it to 3v3 players, but the game looks to have all the charm, all the attraction and all the gameplay of its larger cousins. Plus, the game is funded by the same company that gave Riot its initial investment. If that’s not a sign of confidence, what is?

Colossatron: Massive World Threat

Match-3 style games need a unique twist to make them stand out these days, and Colossatron certainly delivers. You match colors on a writhing robotic snake in order to upgrade its weapons to defend against attacking military.

While it sounds goofy, the game is the product of the developers behind Fruit Ninja, so you know it will devour the hours. The graphics are vibrant and attractive, and Halfbrick Studios knows how to make addictive gameplay.

Though the game is supposedly slated for a 2013 release, the lack of information is making it increasingly likely to hit in early 2014.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Sure, San Andreas has been available to gamers for years on the Playstation 2. Now, mobile hardware has reached a level comparable to that long-lived platform, and Rockstar is taking advantage of the situation by releasing a complete remake of the famous GTA game.

San Andreas with updated graphics and touch controls hits the iOS market close enough to the end of December that it may as well be January. Re-live the glory days of San Andreas in totality anywhere you want to play.