RADEON AMDThroughout this article I give my thoughts regarding the feasibility of 4K gaming in today’s computer gaming environment.

Throughout tech forums all across the internet computer enthusiasts have been mostly looking in awe at the splendor of 4K or Ultra High Definition resolution.

Indeed the resolution packs a plentiful amount of pixels into these screens which represents an astonishing 8.3 megapixel resolution. 

While 4K screens have started tumbling in price they still haven’t hit the sweet spot in pricing that drives higher adoption rates. Indeed at $699 dollars for a Seiki 39 inch 4K monitor these screens are not exactly cheap enough for most of the public to justify purchasing one.

Regardless of the current situation change will come and it is fairly obvious. It c can be witnessed in the latest series of graphics cards that have recently come out of AMD, the R9290 and R9290X. These new video cards were released touting the ability to readily handle gaming at 4K resolution. To accomplish 4K gaming previously required about two thousand dollars’ worth of video cards to be considered anything other than a complete stutter fest. Keep in mind that those two thousand dollars are only going to video cards, essentially 4K gaming was limited to the rich and those who spent money they (credit cards) didn’t have. Read on throughout this article to understand my thoughts regarding the feasibility of 4K gaming in today’s computer gaming environment.

Big Upgrade

When upgrading from a 1080p or 1440p monitor to a 4K monitor you have to really put some consideration into whether your system is up to the task. Considering that the Radeon 7970 and GTX680 graphics cards were both touted as the optimal cards for 2K gaming or 1440p it’s obvious that consumers would be curious if these cars are up for 4K gaming. The answer to that question is a resounding no to anyone who wants to turn up all the bells and whistles.

Graphic Cards

In order to truly experience 4K gaming you currently have limited options in terms of the graphics cards that can push it. You have the GTX Titan, GTX 780, and the R9290 and R9290X. These are currently the only four cards that could play 4k without sacrificing too much detail. Before the launch of the R9290X the GTX cards sold at the lowest for $649 and at the highest for $999. These prices were outrageous and unattainable for anyone beyond the wealthy which made its transition into mainstream gaming titles nonexistent.



The R9290X has changed that landscape by offering 4K capable gaming at $549 dollars, this is an incredible deal. When looking at the cheaper AMD graphics card going up against the expensive NVidia Titan card its simply crazy to see how strong the AMD card performs. At almost $500 dollars less than the Titan the 290X delivers faster performance by fairly decent percentages. In Crysis 3 the 290X was 10% faster than a GTX Titan, in Battlefield 3 the R9290X was 12% faster than the GTX Titan, in Far Cry 3 the 290X was a considerable 23% faster than the GTX Titan, and the same story plays out over and over in other titles. Clearly AMD had designed a beast of a video card as it’s the king in both price and performance.

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