Blogger OutreachEver since the phrase, ‘no man is an island’ was coined, everyone has learned the value of networking.

Online, traffic and sales often depend on how widespread your message is and just how trustworthy your brand appears to be. This means that you need an endorsement from sources which people consider to be trusted and thought leaders within your industry.

Bloggers have made a serious name for themselves as thought leaders within certain online communities. This means that anybody looking to make a name for them or simply make sales and get the word out there about their brand would need to connect and network with the right kind of bloggers.

Simply starting a blog and hoping that people will come to read what you have to say does not work anymore. You need to strive to get the viewers to come. That is why blogger outreach is essential to the survival of your blog.

Here are some Essential Tips And Tools That Will Help You With Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach simply means reaching out to other bloggers within your niche and trying to find out how you can help one another in your separate endeavors. People like to share great content. If you have a solid blog that has high quality content, more and more people will want to link to it. But this doesn’t often happen naturally. You need to reach out and tell people about your blog.

One of the best ways of doing that is by using other bloggers as a launching pad. But it is not all one way. You have to bring something to the table as well. Hence blogger outreach. It is finding out how best you can interact and help one another achieve your goals. You can either choose to meet other bloggers online or you might go to events that bring them all together. These are things like conferences and such.

There are a lot of ways through which you can carry out blogger outreach.

These include:

  • Guest posting
  • Building a relationship through following their content
  • Sponsored posts
  • Have them guest post on your blog
  • Make them aware of your blog by bringing them content that is useful to their audience

The whole blogger outreach process can be a little tedious but it is worth it.

Here is how you go about it manually

1. Find who you want to reach out to

Simply run a search on Google for your preferred keywords. You can use certain tools online such as ‘Moz toolbar’ to get a feel on how important and well ranked whatever site that comes up is. By going through the list that Google provides, simply run a search on Google for your preferred keywords. Go to their platforms, find their contact and start interacting with them.

2. Reaching out

You can set up a template that can be reused for every single time you have to send out an email to a prospecting blogger. It is very paramount that you write a personal message as opposed to a generic message. This shows the bloggers that you actually took the time and went through their blog and decided that they would be valuable to your course and you may be valuable to theirs. Most email clients support the creation of usable templates that can prove very valuable to your course.

It is up to you to put your argument across as to why the blogger should link with your platform. Remember that blogs run and depend on the integrity and content quality. No one will risk ruining their blog’s reputation on unworthy content. So you first have to make sure that the content on your blog is up to par and then you need to show the blogger why you are valuable to them. This could be in terms of potential reach through your inbuilt audience and so on.

Tools that can help with blogger outreach

They say the best things in life are free. This might be true but there comes a time when paying for high quality services are the better option. That is why the tools on this list are paid for tools. They are not that expensive if you consider their potential value.

1. Buzzstream

Buzzstream has two bits. A Blogger Outreach Program & A Linkbuilding Program.

The features include:

  • No specific database, but it has an extensive link prospecting functionality that can let you easily identify bloggers that you may want to reach out to within your niche
  • You can efficiently manage your outreach project by having templates and information tracking
  • Buzzstream monitors all the links you get. In case anything changes or it is removed, you will get a notification
  • You can run your search through social media platforms to find the best blogs to track and link to

The main advantage of using Buzzstream is the outreach management functionality. This greatly helps you manage all your prospects and emails without having them all jumbled up. The link prospecting functionality can be invaluable to anyone looking to discover previously unknown blogs within their niche.

2. Group High

The best selling point is that Group High draws its data and value from 13 million blogs within its own database. You get access to a great deal of pertinent information like latest up to date contact information, Twitter, Facebook and other social media contacts, you can track the activity of your chosen blogs, Group High will give you updates on the blogs you are mention in and so on. The main advantage of using Group High is the depth of discovery you will enjoy. With such an extensive database, you will have most of what you need to make a great outreach work.

3. Inkybee

This tool is not only affordable, at $19 a month, but it is also very useful.

The features include:

  • 800 thousand blogs within the database
  • Integrated Google Analytics that lets you track just how much traffic you’re getting from the blogs you have reached out to
  • You can manage your campaign by systematically organizing your outreach process

This is an ever growing blogger outreach tool and there are plans for adding more tracking functionalities. The database is set to be larger as time goes by.

These are the Essential Tips and Tools That Will Help You with Blogger Outreach. It will take some doing but it is worth it in the end. Simply having great content won’t cut it; you need to put it in front of the right set of eyes. People who can help you promote it and get your brand recognized.