Mobile AppsFind out which apps are the best for managing your finances whether they be personal or for business.

Managing a small business has never been easier thanks to technology. Now, you can literally run all of your accounting and finances with just a simple tablet or smart phone. That is, if you have the right apps and software.

The following is a list of the top free money managing apps perfect for small business.


With the money managing software available with the Mint app, you can literally keep track of all your financial data from a single mobile device. Whether it be cash flow or investments, Mint can manage everything financial.

Invoice2Go Lite

With Invoice2Go Lite you can manage your business away from the office. This app allows you to collect a payment, estimate a job or even submit a bid all from your smart phone or tablet. This app is perfect for those who travel often for business.


Expensify is also a great app for the traveling business man or business woman as it allows you to keep track of all your travel expenditures. With this app you won’t need to hold onto all those receipts because Expensify manages all of them for you.

Google phone appsExpensify


Sending and receiving payments is made easy with the free PayPal app. You can freely send or receive payments and invoices via email. Also, there is no need for the use of a credit card terminal when transferring money, it is simply bank account to bank account.

E*Trade Mobile Pro

This app is perfect for business owners who like to keep track of their investment stocks. Works great for keeping a close watch on either your personal or business investments.

TSheets Time Tracker

If you charge your clients by your travel or by the hour than this is the app that you must have. What is perfect about this app is that it utilizes the use of a GPS tracker so that you can know exactly how far you traveled and how long it took you so that you can charge accordingly and show your clients the exact data of your travels. This is also works great if you have employees that travel as you can keep track and know exact mileage for a project.


Manilla is the app for keeping track of any and all of your finances be it business or personal. From credit card bills to magazine subscriptions, Manilla allows you to organize all your bills from your smart phone or tablet accordingly.

Local Bank

Don’t forget about your local bank as most banks, no matter how big or small, have some sort of app for managing your bank accounts from your mobile device. Most bank apps now even have the technology available to allow you to deposit a check via your smart phone saving time and gas. Most even allow you to make transfers and payments with their app.

These apps are some of the best tools that you can utilize for managing your business or personal finances and the best part is that they are free! You can learn more about apps by checking out this article from Business Week.

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