CameraWant to take beautiful photos? Read on to see which camera is best for you.

It seems that with the rise of apps like Instagram and Snapchat, people are getting into photography more and taking shots until they get the perfect picture.

If you want to pursue photography, or if you just want something to take with you on your next vacation, take a look at which camera is best for you.


The SLR (Single-lens reflex camera) is considered the most useful and sought after camera by professional photographers and deep-pocketed enthusiasts. SLRs take the clearest images as they offer the most megapixels as well as a wide array of features and accessories to take the perfect photograph.

  • The Sony Alpha SLT A65 is a 24 megapixel monster camera that some knowledgeable enthusiasts will recognise isn’t a true SLR, as the photo capture technique it uses is slightly different, allowing for fast shutter speed and more focus. Whether or not it is technically an SLR doesn’t matter, it is significantly powerful enough to stand up to its Nikon and Canon counterparts.
  • The Nikon D5100 is a favourite among many. It’s easy to use and produces superb photographs. While it does not have as many megapixels as the Sony A65, it’s doubtful that you’ll need so many anyway, unless you’re a professional photographer. This Nikon model is equipped with filters including seven options for altering the look of image, including selective colour, colour sketch, miniature effect, night vision, high key, low key and silhouette.
  • The Canon EOS 600D is regarded as more accessible to amateurs and entry-level photographers, as well as for the more experienced. It is only 16 MP like the Nikon camera, and when you compare photographs of the two there are only slight differences, with the Canon producing sightly brighter images with higher contrast. All in all, there isn’t much difference between the brands – any SLR is guaranteed to get you brilliant images.

Sony Nikon Canon Single-lens reflex Cameras

Digital Cameras

There is greater room for discrepancy with the wide variety of digital camera options.

  • Sony’s Cybershot range is a well established model and highly reliable. The quality of cameras will differ depending on your budget, but for the purposes of this article we’ll select something in the low to mid range. The T series has more megapixels than some of the SLRs with 18.2 MP photos. It can record Full HD 1080P video and is waterproof, shockproof, dust-proof and freeze-proof. It is also sleekly designed and is a great option from $249.
  • The Nikon Coolpix s9500 digital camera has 22x optical zoom, 18.1 MP and built in Wi-Fi. With tonnes of cool features like smile and face detection, panorama and ten preset picture effects, it’s a good buy for $254.
  • The Canon Powershot SX280 digital camera doesn’t quite measure up in comparison to other models. For a similar price of about $250, it offers only 12.1 MP and only 20x optical zoom. Nevertheless it’s a solid camera that’ll serve you well for your travels or any other occasion for a photo.

These are simple and inexpensive cameras that are targeted at those who want to take crisp photos to keep a memory alive through the years or take high quality images to use online or start your own blog with.

Article WritingAdrian Rodriguez is a freelance writer and avid fan of photography. He uses Flexirent to experiment with cameras and equipment to see which model best suits his needs.